The Kings are the most dominant team in Los Angeles right now as they continue to dominate their way through the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Monday June 4th, the Kings beat the New Jersey Devils by a score of 4 to 0, which could be foreshadowing to the way the series will ultimately play out. The victory put the Kings into a commanding position at 3 games to 0 in the best of 7 series, but this is hardly new for them this year.

Coming into the playoffs, the Kings were the #8 seed, but they didn’t play that way as they dispatched the top seeded Canucks, only losing one game to Vancouver in the Best Of Seven.

The second round was less taxing than the first, as they swept the #2 seeded St Louis Blues in four games.

The Western Conference Finals saw them take out the #3 seeded Phoenix Coyotes, losing just one game in the process.

Leading the way for the Kings is a two-headed attack of Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown. Kopitar has the most points scored in these playoffs, with Brown a point behind him. Both of them have more assists (10 each) than goals (8 and 7 respectively), meaning that this is hardly a team dominated by one player.

At least on offense, that is.

It could easily be argued that Jonathan Quick, the team’s goaltender, is the Kings’ playoff MVP. He has a better goals against average than all the other goalies in the playoffs, and it’s not even close (he’s at 1.36, with the Rangers’ Lundqvist in a distant second at 1.82). Future Hall Of Famer Martin Brodeur, who minds the pipes for the New Jersey Devils, is nowhere in sight of what Quick is bringing to the table. His GAA is over 2 goals per game, is ranked 8th in terms of save percentage (another category lead by Quick), and only has one shutout this post season compared to three from Quick.

The Kings aren’t likely to over-take the Lakers, Dodgers or even Clippers in terms of sports team popularity, but the city should be taking notice and they should jump on the bandwagon. Quick.