Okay, GuysNation. If you thought you get Christmas Eve off from some GuysNation, goodness? Think again. Because this week something EPIC is happening. The fantasy league we talked about on this very site. That some of you followed and picked winners has its championship game THIS… VERY… WEEKEND!!!

Who’s in the finals? 2 GN contributors.

Yours truly, and his “UFL All Stars” and Dubey and his “Mike Vick Doggy Daycare”.

And on this, the holiest of days, we bring to you: KICKER BOWL 2010!!!!!

How else should cap off this epic season? But with an epic encounter, suggested by my opponent, and gladly agreed to by me.

The only players we will start for this championship game?

Our Kickers.

I can hear the fantasy purists gnashing their teeth and wailing at this. “…a mockery of the game” … “Is this a joke?” No! Its not a joke. What better way to find out who has the best pretend football team in all the land than to let the ultimate in “football players show exactly what they can do. How they can score. Anyone can have the best running backs, and recievers, and quarterback. But to have the BEST KICKER?!? You have to have some serious fantasy chops!!

Which we, having dominated this league, DO!

So tonight my opponent’s kicker laces up his soccer shoe for the Dallas Cowboys: David Buehler. After a season of riding the foot of the Packer’s Mason Crosby, he has changed horses with 3 steps left in the stream. Will this be the most successful Buehler since Ferris left school, starred in a parade, and went to a Cubs game? Or will the Arizona Cardinals be able to block 5 or 6 fieldgoals. (lets cross our fingers.

I, on the other hand have a choice of 3 kickers. Matt Bryant, who was my every week kicker for most of the season. I then picked up Jay Feeley, with dreams of a head to head mano a mano… or should I say kicker a kicker show down on Christmas Eve. Lastly, Rams Kicker Josh Brown would by my third option. I’m leaning towards Brown, but I’ll have to respond back to let you know who I picked.

Ultimately lets hope for a Christmas Miracle for the UFL All Stars. Please refrain from rioting if I win… but feel free to riot if Iose.

Merry Christmas,