Kevin Smith has one more film project left in him before he takes a self-imposed hiatus (or retirement), and it sounds EPIC!

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe it’s because the movie is called HIT SOMEBODY, a hockey film whose title just happens to capture my style of play when it comes to playing the coolest game on Earth.  Maybe it’s because the first time I realized I was a fan of Kevin Smith’s was while watching CLERKS and they were playing street hockey on the roof and the errant ball went directly into the sewer as if destined to end up there by a power stronger than magnetism and fate combined, a concept to which street hockey players can relate.

Back to the movie and its epic nature.

Kevin Smith recently did a chat with MTV where he revealed some details about the project.  Given that the current script is apparently 110 pages long, he says he’s halfway done, and the traditional Hollywood formula for film-length-to-script-page ratio, that would make the film roughly a half-hour short of four hours.

No, I don’t think Kevin Smith is making a 3 hour 40 minute comedy about hockey.  I’m sure HIT SOMEBODY will end up short of the three-hour mark, but that’s not the only reason it sounds epic.

Kevin Smith describes the project as “a valentine or love letter to Canada and to hockey”, it’s plot takes place across the span of four different decades (starting in the 50’s, ending in the 80’s) and isn’t focusing on just one team.  The fact that Smith says the film won’t include any NHL teams makes it sound a bit more like SLAP SHOT, the hockey classic series which heavily involved hockey fights into its “plot”.

It should come as no surprise that Smith is looking to include a bevy of actors with whom he has previously worked, given Smith’s propensity to do so, but apparently he’s looking to take that concept to the extreme.

They’re all coming back. It’s like The Muppet Movie. you’ve got your core cast, and then a zillion cameos… It’s going to sum everything up. We’ll have a team in Boston, and who do you think I’m going to call? Both of those dudes.

By “both of those dudes”, Kevin is referencing Boston-natives Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, with whom he first worked on DOGMA.

While the countless cameos and an ensemble cast featuring plenty of familiar faces might not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Kevin Smith, what might come as a surprise is the MPAA rating he’s predicting for the film.

It won’t be rated R.

In his directorial finale, Smith is making a film not about pushing the envelope or taking a slice-of-life story and including lots of profanity.  This one hits closer to home for him.  Quoted from (while quoting Smith from the MTV chat)….

“an analogous tale to my time in film,” and is about a guy “who loves hockey with all his heart, but is no damn good at it. Then he gets his shot.”

I absolutely can’t wait.  And it’s not just because of the hockey aspect to it.

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