I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw these chips, but because I enjoy Thai food, I was very interested to see what Kettle Brand had in store for me. what I found was an exciting snack with a great taste.

Firstly, the Thai flavor. Anyone who is familiar with cooking Thai food (or other Asian options for that matter) know that ginger is a very important flavor, and it’s definitely abundant in these chips. The second flavor that hit me was the lime, which is perfectly balanced with the other ingredients, which was well orchestrated by Kettle Brand.

Thought you might not recognize it without looking at the list of ingredients (as was my experience the first few chips), the honey used in these chips adds a very nice sweetness to coincide with the citrus and the heat.

Ah yes, the heat. There are multiple types of pepper involved – jalapeno, habanero and white pepper, all of which provide their distinct flavors.  As the name would imply, these are a decently spicy chips. Not so spicy that you NEED water to drink while you eat them, but you taste the spice while you’re eating the chips and it lingers for a minute or two until after you finish eating them.

The crunch is everything you’d expect to find from a kettle cooked chip, and none of the liquid (or semi-solid) ingredients which went into the chips did anything to lessen the crispness.

Some people I know think the flavor of the chips is a bit too strong, but they didn’t deny that the taste was great, and certainly worthy of being considered Thai-flavored.

I had the option to buy a small bag of these chips to review, since I’ve had them before and just needed a refresher on the distinct flavors. I enjoy them so much that I bought the big bag.