It’s a sad day to look over the list of chip flavors Kettle Brand has offered over the years, seeing countless types of chips they retired years ago. Their current chips are good, but I’d love a lot of the old options too. That’s why I was glad to see that they brought a few flavors back, and with a bag of each all ready to go I’m reviewing them here.

The Red Chili variety were of interest to me because I like spicy chips, and that’s often a challenge that other companies don’t always approach successfully.

That’s not the case here, but with Kettle Brand, I’m not surprised.

These chips not only have the right amount of heat, but the flavor is great too.

For some of my family members, spicy food isn’t a good thing, as they shy away from buffalo wings, jalapenos and even some sausages. I would be confident that with these chips, most of them would like what they’re trying.

The best thing with which to compare these chips is Cocktail sauce. It’s roughly that spicy and has a nearly identical flavor.

I could eat an entire bag of these, and so naturally the grade I’ll give them is high. I’d say an A- or an A, somewhere in that range.