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First and foremost, I really enjoy the Buffalo Bleu chips from Kettle Brand.  I don’t want this article to dissuade anyone from buying the chips with the negative aspects of what I’ve got to say.  I do, however, have a problem with the name of the chips.

If Kattle Brand was looking to make a chip which was to remind the snacker of dipping a buffalo wing into bleu cheese dressing and then taking a bite, they failed.  I had a meal of buffalo wings and bleu cheese dressing twice this week (a rarity, but a welcomed one), so I’m quite familiar with what that’s supposed to taste like, and Kettle Brand didn’t hit the mark.

Pringles did a good job at recreating the Buffalo Wing flavor, and because I’ve enjoyed other Kettle Brand products, I had high hopes for these chips.  There wasn’t much Bleu Cheese flavor at all, despite the natural ingredients they used which should’ve produced a flavor akin to the popular dressing/dip.  Not only were the chips not spicy, they didn’t have a buffalo flavor at all.

They were, however, a really good chip.  I would almost consider it a BBQ flavor, but not quite.  It didn’t have much of a ketchup-y/tomato-y flavor to it that you might expect from some BBQ chips.  It did have a little smokey flavor to it, maybe a little sweet mesquite.  It’s really hard to describe the flavor of these krinkle cut chips, but whatever label the Kettle Brand decides to put on the bag, I’d encourage people to buy it.

Photo credit to, which has it’s own glowing review of the Buffalo Bleu Kettle Chips.  That review saw something slightly different with the flavor than I did, and I’d encourage you to see what they had to say if you’re considering NOT trying the chips.