Aside from Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, much of the talk during last year’s college football season revolved around Justin Blackmon, a stand-out wide receiver poised to be a first-round draft pick. Now the talented rookie for the Jacksonville Jaguars is facing serious charges.

Early Sunday morning, just outside of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Justin Blackmon was arrested for DUI, and it wasn’t even close.

In the state of Oklahoma, the charges for DUI vary based on blood alcohol content, and when he was arrested, Blackmon had a BAC of .24 – which is WAY above the Aggrivated DUI threshold in the state of Oklahoma.

To put things in perspective, Blackmon will play the majority of his NFL games in the state of Florida during his rookie contract. The BAC to get a DUI charge in Florida is .08 – one THIRD of what Blackmon had on Sunday morning.

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