DC Comics is much closer to making a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie a reality than many might expect.

With the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy just a few weeks away and the reboot of the SUPERMAN theatrical franchise landing next year, DC is continuing to fight the battle against the MARVEL juggernaut, and according to Variety, they’re looking to score big with a group film of their own to follow Marvel’s THE AVENGERS.

Variety reports that Will Beall is in the midst of penning the screenplay. Beall’s credits include writing a handful of episodes of CASTLE (a series in which he served as the story editor for 32 episodes), the upcoming LOGANS RUN and LETHAL WEAPON 5 flicks, and GANGSTER SQUAD.

Given the cast involved with GANGSTER SQUAD (Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Emma Stone and Giovanni Ribisi among others), there’s likely a strong script involved to attract such talent. But given the heavy schedule Beall is facing, will he finish the script in time to get the project off the ground?

A few years ago it was George Miller who was tasked with bringing the group to the big screen, but that project fell apart despite reportedly going through casting. Given the reboot following Superman Returns, the talk of Green Lantern getting the same treatment before the character hits screens again in live-action, and the fact that Wonder Woman failed to gain traction, the DC Universe is in considerable upheaval and some are calling this project premature and short-sighted.

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