In something of an upset, World Cup favorite Brazil was sent home today, eliminated by the team from the Netherlands!


Today’s early quarterfinal finished at 2 goals to 1 in favor of the Dutch squad, with Wesley Sneijder scoring the winning tally on a header.

The assertion by Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk that his squad could win the World Cup for the first time got a measure of validation today.

“People mocked me for that,” said van Marwijk, who was given the job two years ago. “I said I’m not going to the tournament just to take part; I want to win,” van Marwijk said. “I want the best prize. People might think me arrogant. But if you beat Brazil, then you should dare to say this.”

Now there’s a chance that I’ll get to tell my son, to whom I gave a Dutch middle name, that in the year he was born, the Dutch won the World Cup!  Only two more victories to go!