Derek Jeter, Hakuho

He wasn’t wearing a mask or a hat and shades combo. Derek Jeter was sitting out in the open at a major Japanese sporting event, and he went largely unrecognized.

AFP 538988313 S BBO JPN OSAccording to Sports Illustrated, Derek Jeter attended a sumo competition while in Japan for a Hideki Matsui charity event, and despite sitting with his supermodel girlfriend, Hannah Davis, he wasn’t mobbed by adoring fans. In fact, some of the sumo wrestlers themselves didn’t even know much about him.

“I didn’t realize who it was” – sumo Chiyomaru

“He was a catcher or something like that, wasn’t he?” – sumo Tochiozan



When Derek Jeter said in an interview a few months ago that he was planning to get as far away from baseball as possible for a little while, I think this pretty much covers it!