Prior to leaving WWE so he could join TNA Wrestling, Jeff Hardy feuded with CM Punk.  It’s no secret that Jeff Hardy has, at times in his life, delved into substance abuse.  It’s also rumored that his addiction to drugs fueled Jeff’s decision to leave WWE for an environment which provided him more freedom to live his life the way he wanted.

CM Punk has lived a Straight Edge lifestyle for years, meaning that among other things, he doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol.  In interviews, CM Punk has claimed that he doesn’t impose his lifestyle on other people and had plenty of friends – inside and outside the wrestling business – who weren’t living the Straight Edge lifestyle.

Back during his days in Ring Of Honor, CM Punk took his Straight Edge lifestyle and turned it into a gimmick where he pretended to look down on other people for their lifestyle choices which didn’t fit into Straight Edge.  Prior to feuding with Jeff Hardy, CM Punk took the Straight Edge gimmick to the forefront of his character in WWE.  Given the differences in personal lifestyle choices, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Jeff Hardy and CM Punk weren’t best friends.  Given a video rant which recently appeared on YouTube, it’s obvious that there were some tough feelings on Jeff Hardy’s part.

From what Jeff was saying at roughly the 70 second mark, it sounds like Hardy is still upset because of an incident where he claims he was at a WWE show and was ignored by CM Punk, which seems really childish on Jeff’s part.  And for him to claim that he thinks CM Punk takes Ambien to help him sleep (at roughly the 90 second mark)?  That’s just a low blow.

Probably the most surprising thing about the video is near the end when Matt Hardy speaks up.  I wasn’t aware that CM Punk was dating (or had ever dated) Amy Dumas, Matt Hardy’s ex-girlfriend who is known to WWE fans as Lita, but apparently Matt Hardy decided to take the opportunity to rip into CM Punk too, calling him names and claiming that Amy Dumas still relied on Matt when she needed someone to support her.

I don’t know whether or not either of the Hardy brothers were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but neither one of them seemed to be as coherent during this two minute video.  Whatever the cause, the comments made by the Hardys were disrespectful and immature and caused me to lose a lot of respect for both of them.

At the end of the day, CM Punk probably doesn’t care what Jeff Hardy has to say, nor Matt Hardy.  CM Punk continues to wrestle for the top wrestling company in the world, and because of his Straight Edge lifestyle choices, CM Punk doesn’t have to worry about having court dates for drug charges.