One of Javale McGee's 12 blocks against the Chicago Bulls

They might be the best team in the Eastern Conference, arguably in the entire NBA, but the Chicago Bulls couldn’t stop JaVale McGee.

Okay, let me stop before I get ahead of myself.  The facts speak for themselves:

* Chicago did win the game by 19, beating the Washington Wizards with a final score of 98 to 79.

* Javale McGee had a historic night with 12 blocks, the most by an NBA player since 2001.

* The other two parts of his triple-double were 12 rebounds and a measly 11 points, with some analysts laughed at his efforts to score the final basket to dive into the double-digit point tally to end the game.  While some of the attempts were cringe-worthy, most could appreciate how nerve racking it would be to see the game clock clicking down and trying to make the final basket to complete a task which he’ll remember the rest of his life.  As he scored the final basket on a dunk, Javale McGee received a technical foul for holding onto the basket too long.  After the game he said that his intention wasn’t to taunt, but rather a sigh of relief after the difficultly he faced in trying to complete the third portion of the triple double.

There has been some slamming of McGee’s celebration of the personal achievement in the light of the fact that his team was in the midst of losing the game by nearly 20 points, but there will be no Society Slam from GuysNation.  The outpouring of emotion is something most sports fans should be able to relate to, assuming they’ve played sports themselves.  The Washington Wizards and their fans alike need something to cheer about, to feel good about, to enjoy after this very tough season.  They didn’t defeat the mighty Chicago Bulls, but the Wizards and Javale McGee did get a measure of victory as they continue to show signs of improvement in a night that McGee will likely never forget.