Last season, as the Washington Wizards were dropping proven veterans like Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, basketball fans in the Nation’s Capital needed reasons to be optimistic for future squads.  At the time, there was no knowledge that John Wall was going to come to town, so Andray Blatche provided the reason for hope.

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Then things start to fall apart as Blatche proved he wasn’t necessarily a “character guy”.

What I’ve heard and seen from the NBA Summer League has me optimistic, especially the budding relationship between John Wall and Hamady Ndiaye as reported in the Washington Post.

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But that’s not the best Wizards-related news I’ve had this week.  Not by far.

JaVale McGee was invited to be a part of the Team USA Basketball tryout.

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Now, I’m not getting my hopes up that JaVale McGee is going to be an Olympian, or even an NBA All Star, but what I am excited about is that people who know basketball well enough to coach at the Olympic level have seen something special in this guy.

Even if he doesn’t make it onto Team USA, it’s nice to know that JaVale McGee might be able to make significant contribution to the Washington Wizards.