Anyone who celebrated the firing of Wade Phillips as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys with laughter about how it’s another part of the recent demise of the Cowboys should be very wary about the current situation instead of seeing it as a reason to be jovial.

Make no bones about it, Wade Phillips wasn’t the right guy to be atop the coaching food chain for the Dallas Cowboys, which is exactly the reason why fans of the Redskins, Giants and Eagles should’ve been disappointed when Jerry Jones removed him mid-season.

The Dallas Cowboys now have a spark with their new head coach, as was evident during Week 10 when the (then) 1-7 Cowboys beat the New York Giants by a double-digit margin of victory.

There’s a reason why the Dallas Cowboys were projected to be a playoff team prior to the season:  talent.  Be it offense or defense, the 53-man roster down in Texas has some top guys, making their terrible start a head-scratcher among NFL analysts who delved into games more than just a cursory look at the statistics.

Against the Giants, the Cowboys got huge improvement out of several key components.  Wide Receiver Dez Bryant got more production against the Giants (a top 5 defense) on fewer passes being thrown his way than he did Week 9 against the Packers (a mid-range defense).  Miles Austin had the same number of receptions in both games, but he had 4 times as many yards and added a touchdown to the mix against the Giants… on half as many balls being thrown to him.  Marion Barber ran for 6 yards per carry against the Giants, three times his 2 yards per carry effort against the Packers.  Felix Jones tripled the amount of yards he rushed for, but his main impact was getting involved in the passing game – not catching a single pass against the Packers, but having 85 yards receiving and a touchdown against the Giants.  Jon Kitna, filling in for injured Tony Romo at Quarterback, threw fewer passes this game while nearly doubling the number of passing yards, cutting his number of interceptions in half and getting 3 touchdown passes instead of 1.

The Cowboys defense was also a lot better in Week 10.  They had 2 interceptions, a fumble recovery and a touchdown – none of which happened against the Packers.  They allowed 30 fewer yards rushing – despite that being a strong point of the Giants – and allowed half as many points.

It’s very likely that under Jason Garrett, the Dallas Cowboys are only going to continue to improve.  If Garrett isn’t the Head Coach for the team next year, I’d be very surprised.  He made his mark on the team, he made it quick and he made it strong and the November 14th victory over one of the best teams in the NFL should serve as an unnerving notice to not only the rest of the NFC East, but also to the rest of the NFL.

Wade Phillips is gone, Jason Garrett is there, the Cowboys look to be making better use of their talent and none of that is good news to me.