4e5bf453d0cadLet’s say you have a lovely Hispanic woman in front of you. She is about 5’6″ and 120lbs. Sounds nice right? Now lets add the fact that her measurements are 32C -22 – 28. Now I know, that is even better. Now lets throw in that she is tanned with some tattoos. I know, i know…sounds like you might be dreaming, but I’m not.

Who i just described is the next interview here with the Man from the Ratings Boost, Jacqueline Carrizosa. But don’t be fooled, Jacqueline is more then just your average beauty. Besides being a West Coast Honey and a World Star Eye Candy Honey, she is also a Machine Gun Vegas Range Training Coordinator and active full time student. She is also a United States Naval Veteran (Gunnersmate and a Surface Rescue Swimmer). And she has traveled. She is a self-proclaimed athletic adrenaline junkie.

She has worked with firearms and all kinds of weapons going on six years, demonstrating and coaching over 950 military personnel and now a Certified Instructor. As an ex-Navy soccer player, coach and US Ambassador, she has scheduled and negotiated games and tournaments in foreign ports resembling the United States of America and maintained 25 teammates to an elevated athletic standard. She has built tremendous community relations between the US and the foreign countries through playing the sport in over a half-dozen different countries.

Currently she is also an independently model, a full time student, and promotional model for Machine Guns Vega, where she also has a  role is a Range Master and a Training Coordinator. All that, and she’s a NRA Certified Weapons Instructor. In her spare time, she also works on chase teams for Baja 250, 500, or 1000 Mexico desert races and local US desert races as well with Recon Mx, the Baja Ride Company and DP Racing.

She served as the technical adviser for Rihanna for the 2012 action movie, BATTLESHIP, which afforded her the opportunity to work with Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and most of cast in the Battleship movie as well. She also has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows. She also does firearms familiarization, assisting Jeffree Star, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and etc. and now she can add GuysNation interviewee on that long list of things that she has done.

Mr. Incredible: Well thank you for taking time out to do this. Because I can tell you are a busy person. So lets get this thing going. Now I guess what everyone wants to know is how did someone so beautiful end up in the military instead of going into modeling first?XldjJ

Jacqueline Carrizosa: Modeling never crossed my mind when I first joined the military! I really wanted to get out from the town and experience some more of what life had to offer.

Mr. Incredible: Now did your love for guns start in the service or did it start earlier than that?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: I used to have fun shooting a BB gun, but really fell in love when I joined the Military. Now I know even more working with my new range at Machine Guns Vegas and we have a load of fun with our inventory.

Mr. Incredible: What were some of the accolades that you have received while in service?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: I received quite of few Sailor recommendations, etc. I received Sailor of the Day, Sailor of the Quarter for my department and a few other Expert ribbons in shooting. Also, a The list goes on.

Mr. Incredible: Now how did you end up being a part of the BATTLESHIP movie?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: I was in a Soccer team (Male Dominated) Tournament for the USS Ronald Reagan and we were competing in RIMPAC against a lot of other countries and Peter Berg was scouting there that day, for the movie, and ran into us playing. We exchanged e-mails because they ended up taking a lot of photos for us during the games all the way to the end and we won second place that day! Really great games that day.


Mr. Incredible: Have you been contact to help out or consult on any other films?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: There is a lot at work 🙂 I can tell you I’ve helped with some hired photography work for some popular “shotgun” personal weddings. Which was pretty neat, where I provided the guns and stood safety while they used them as props in their shoot.

Mr. Incredible: Let me ask you, how tough is it for females in the service?

07Jacqueline Carrizosa: It really depends on your personality and the rate (job) you’re doing. I can say the service is hard for anybody who is mentally prepared for the life of deployments and a strict structure.

Mr. Incredible: Now outside of your service career, you are also a athletic adrenaline junkie. What are some of the wild and extreme things that you have done?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: I’ve always been a little on the extreme fun side, I grew up skateboarding in middle and high school and also learned how to shift gears, and drift and ride a dirt bike. Now I get to do whatever I try to get my hands on; Surfing, Kite boarding, Skate boarding, Dirt biking, off road racing chase teams, paddle boarding, sky jumping. etc.

Mr. Incredible:What is it about extreme sports gets you going?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: I love the edge of it. There’s life out there, you have got to go and live it! Pushing yourself to do new things is the best feeling one could ever experience! You accomplish it and just go, WOW! What’s next now?

Mr. Incredible: Now when you got into the modeling stage of your career, where you shocked at the response you got and the gigs you were offered?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: Some were expected, and naturally some were denied. Everything is new at first then you start working it to your personal fit. Modeling and Acting is unique in a way that everyone can do it; fat, old, skinny, too tall, too short, it doesn’t matter. Realistically, they would need all kinds of people because people aren’t the same and to make it look “real” you cast all kinds. 🙂 I’ve been pretty happy with my modeling and can’t wait to keep taking it to the next levels!

Mr. Incredible: How did the video with WSHH come about?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: They e-mailed me asking me to do a “different” video then what they had on their website already. When they knew I was capable of so many different angles we had too much fun making the video and we had to even cut some stuff out to make it a little shorter.jacqueline-carrizosa_dvd.original

Mr. Incredible: Were you pleased with the response you got from the video?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: Yes, I would say it was a definite success.

Mr. Incredible: Now outside of the service, you still are involved with firearms as a model , a Range Master and Training Coordinator for Machine Gun Vegas. Can you give our readers a brief run down about that?4faf762b3c303

Jacqueline Carrizosa: I train people for fun with firearms, hand guns, full automatics, rifles, etc. At Machine Guns Vegas we have exotic firearms that for most people is illegal to even see and touch! So it’s pretty rad to run them through the experience and see their faces after. I’ve helped train our staff and write most of our documentary for training our Range Staff along with my Range Assistant Manger.

Mr. Incredible: Now it says in your bio that you spent time taking part in Navy Soccer, which allowed you to play in over 7 different countries. That must have been an amazing experience.

Jacqueline Carrizosa: Yes! I loved it and miss playing to this day.

Mr. Incredible:  Let me ask you this, how do you feel, as someone with ink, feel about the Ink culture getting all this mainstream coverage? Where we see some people getting Ink, not out of respect for the culture and the art, but just because it is the in thing to do.

 Jacqueline Carrizosa: I think the mainstream of it is really good for the artists. It will help them expand their businesses and show off their art and talent. Also, it’s always up to the person what they want to do with their body. Nobody else should judge other people for it or “downgrade” them.

Mr. Incredible: Now on top of being a model, a WSHH Video Vixen, Athlete, Firearms Instructor, a personal fitness trainer…you are also a medical student. If you already didn’t wear enough hats. What made you want to take that plunge into the medical field?

4e9c5d08d86e0Jacqueline Carrizosa: I love the education of it and using your head. I love knowing the science of the body and how and why things happen the way they do. Having been a Rescue Swimmer in the military I got a brief understand of Personal Rescue Training and now I like understanding everything down to a cellular and chemical level. Not only do I get to learn about people at times, but I also have to learn over hundreds of different species. Also, I can’t wait to achieve my first science degree.

Mr. Incredible: Well, I think that runs down all the questions I have. I would just like to thank you for taking the time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans and my readers? Any events or projects that you want to promote?

Jacqueline Carrizosa: Thank you for having me! It’s an honor to have so many people want to hear what I have to say and even want to write about it. I would like to tell everyone about my “Motivators Lifestyle” company. I’m creating this website with the intention of personal firearms training and personal fitness training hosted by myself. I will be creating a series of products, shorts, and fitness shirts for both men and women that will be signature to a crazy lifestyle with a dedicated mindset. The website will have all kinds of tips for the reader and follower and my trainees. Also, they can follow whatever crazy things I will be accomplishing! ALWAYS keep moving forward and getting better then your yesterday! The only time you should ever look back is to see how amazing your butt looks…. and maybe to push yourself again to see how far you’ve come if you’re loosing a little spunk 🙂 Please check out my website when it’s ready! Follow me to see how it all goes down on http://www.facebook.com/jacquelinecarrizosa and twitter @brojaq

There’s also an Instagram @BurningByDreams

Thank you Guys Nation!


Mr. Incredible: Well, you are welcome. And thank you for taking time out to do the interview for our readers. Also don’t forget to check out Jacqueline as she goes out for the Miss Rockstar Energy 2013 contest being held at Inked Up Tour. You can peep the details at http://www.inkedupworldtour.com

Here is Jacqueline Carrizosa, under the name Jacqueline Fuerte, in a video for Ososexymag & House Of Hundreds Photography.


And here is her WSHH video.