We IWCers are a fickle bunch.  Just ask anyone.  We claim we support companies, but then we stream PPV’s on a near-weekly basis.  Online “dirtsheet” websites give us dumb headlines like “Zack Ryder to be Demoted,” when just a year ago, Zack Ryder wasn’t even an afterthought to the average WWE fan!  How is holding the second most important championship on Raw a demotion?  We are the best and worst thing to happen to pro wrestling.

The IWC may or may not be responsible for some of the signings WWE has made over the years, and we may or may not be responsible for some of the pushes certain superstars have gotten over the years.  The aforementioned Zack Ryder, and I can say this with confidence, can thank the IWC for his current surge in popularity.  It’s amazing what you can do when you creatively air your grievances on YouTube.  When Daniel Bryan was fired from WWE after the original Nexus attack, fans interrupted matches and promos by chanting his name until he was re-hired.

Why all the sudden appeasement to us?  Does Vince McMahon have an evil scheme to screw us all over somehow?  Or has he become a man of the people?  It all depends on your viewpoints.

CM Punk is the current WWE champion.  He rose to IWC notoriety during his time in Ring of Honor, where he feuded with Raven and had a series of classic matches with Samoa Joe.


Daniel Bryan is the World Heavyweight champion.  Another ROH alumni (under his real name, Bryan Danielson), Bryan became an IWC favorite by having stellar matches with anyone and everyone he stepped into the ring with.  The fact that he was trained by Shawn Michaels and William Regal is just icing on the cake.


Zack Ryder is enjoying his first major singles championship as the United States champion.  This was an achievement 44 weeks in the making.  Disgruntled and looking for a way to get noticed, Ryder started a YouTube show (and if you’ve never seen it, what’s wrong with you?), and took the internet by storm, even anointing himself as the Internet champion.  Soon, Zack Ryder signs, and “We Want Ryder” chants filled arenas everywhere until WWE finally noticed, and not only put him on TV, but gave him  significant push.


Cody Rhodes is a member of wrestling royalty, being the son of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, and younger brother of Goldust.  The current Intercontinental champion has earned the respect and praise of the IWC by having great matches, in spite of some lackluster gimmicks.


Kofi Kingston burst onto the scene a few years ago, and was destined to become huge, but got lost in the mid-card shuffle in spite of being a multi-time US and IC champion.  Evan Bourne made his name in ROH (as Matt Sydal) as a member of the group Generation Next with Austin Aries and Roderick Strong.  The lack of a Cruiserweight division has hurt Bourne as a singles’ competitor, so his teaming with Kingston to form Air Boom has been a step in the right direction.  The duo sits atop the tag team division as the current Tag Team champions.


Beth Phoenix is in her first reign as Diva’s champion, and is a former Women’s champion.  She has an extensive amateur background, which arguably makes her one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world.  She defeated Kelly Kelly (a model with no amateur background) for the championship.


And waiting in the wings to become the next WWE stars are IWC favorites and indy stars Seth Rollins (former ROH champion Tyler Black), Dean Ambrose (former Dragon Gate and EVOLVE star Jon Moxley), Antonio Cesaro (one half of the Kings of Wrestling, Claudio Castagnoli), and Corey Graves (former indy star Sterling James Keenan).  The future of the WWE is looking good for the IWC, as it seems they’re now shying away from “bigger is better” and going with a more athletic in-ring style.  But, as always, the IWC will hope for the best while expecting the worst.  This is pro wrestling, after all.

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Another IWC Jerk is a self-proclaimed pro wrestling guru.  He knows who Bruno Sammartino won the WWWF Tag Team titles with.  John Cena doesn’t.

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