You know. Each and every year there is certain GAME that’s played on a certain SUPER SUNDAY, and I feel it doesn’t get quite enough hype. No. I’m not talking about the NFL’s crown jewel. I’m talking about a contest that puts the “dog” into “underdog”.

Many years ago someone had a brilliant idea. “Lets put together the the most amazing televised spectacle we can. Lets fill an arena with some of the best athletes in the world, and broadcast it to billions of people. Hey, we’ll even throw in Roman Numerals! People see Roman Numerals and they’ll KNOW we mean business.”

Sure people doubted.

Sure advertisers scoffed.

But today, 8 years later? We are on the precipice of Puppy VIII!

VIII years and dozens (I don’t think there is a roman numeral for “dozens”, or I totally would have used it) and dozens of the most adorable pups later? We have an event that is turning into must see television on the most Super of Sundays.

For the few of you that might be unaware of what the blue hell I’m speaking about? Its simple. Animal Planet, the network that has brought you Confessions: Animal Hoarding and Pit Boss hosts one if, if not its premier event. It takes puppies of various breeds and mixes and puts them inside the Puppy Bowl Arena for a few hours of panting, slobbering, tail wagging good fun… in hindsight, that last sentence comes off dirtier than I would have liked. Anyway… These power packed pups will be put on the Puppy Bowl Pitch along with chew toys, water bowls in each endzone, and the luckiest man on the planet.

The Puppy Bowl Ref.

He’s new this year. He won some sort of contest… clearly my entry form must’ve been lost in the mail.

Basically take any trip you’ve made to a pet store or to a friend’s house who’s dog just had a litter of pups. That sums up the non stop puppy on puppy action you can expect to see.

If you’re a Puppy Bowl Novice, you can go here and learn even more from their expansive website.

Here is a complete list of the starting lineups:

Its definitely a recommendation for any “dog person”, but even if you’re not, and you’re looking for something to watch during the day tomorrow? If you need to “cleanse your pallet” from the hours upon hours of pre game hype, leading up to the NFL’s marquee event? You won’t find one better, in this humble writer’s opinion. Its a great break. A chance to shut your mind off and just think, or say “Aaaaawwww… look at the Puppies!”

And ultimately its for a great cause. All of these dogs were up for adoption at their respective shelters. This event is cute and warm and fuzzy, but also does work in the way of drawing attention to local shelters and other puppies, dogs, cats, and any other available animals by using the “Pet Finder” on the front page.

Parental Advisory: If you have children and they are hounding (pun intended) you for a dog? Unless you want the pressure ramped up, this may NOT be the best choice. That said, its definitely family viewing. So tune in tomorrow starting at 3pm and replayed throughout the whole day. If you are in a market for a new four legged companion, I suggest looking into local shelters.

You’re not going to watch me this Sunday?

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