Is Fedor Emelianenko the White Kimbo Slice?

Just reading the headline made me cringe in disbelief.

I didn’t write the article.  I read it on a different site, and once I got past the headline and started to read the analysis by “Big Nasty” (the author), I started wondering how valid the point was.


I’ve only seen a couple Fedor Emelianenko fights, and while I know of his background in Sambo and other fighting techniques in which he competes at the World Class level, I don’t know much about most of the guys Fedor has fought… other than to say he has beaten all of them.

And that’s the big point “Big Nasty” seems to be making.

Is Fedor being fed with sub-part opponents to help keep his name viable and his record unblemished (I realize he has a loss, but he defended it in a rematch)?

Are Matt Lindland, Hong Man Choi, Tim Sylvia, Andre Arlovski and Brett Rogers no better than faceless backyard brawlers at the time in their career when Fedor Emelianenko dismantled them?

Here’s a link to the Bleacher Report article asking whether or not Fedor Emelianenko is the White Kimbo Slice.

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