Pablo “Macho” Maysonet is an independent film director from South Jersey. He is 28 years old and runs his own production company, Shattered dreams Production which focuses mainly on the horror genre. He has written and directed 2 feature films that were both straight to DVD, and multiple short films. He is currently working on 2 short film projects, one is entitled “The Things They Left behind” and is an adaption of the short story by Stephen King from his 2008 book Just After Sunset. The second project is a companion piece and will be an illustrated short entitled “The Way I Said GoodBye.” Macho agreed to talk to GuysNation about himself and his upcoming film projects.

GN: When did you first get interested in the film business?

Macho: Accidentally. I was doing freelance music production when one day I saw an unbearable horror film that made me say “I can do better than that”. That was the seed that eventually pushed me into film production. At first a friend and I thought it would be cool to shoot a short film, then after one day of filming we realized it wasn’t as easy as borrowing a hand held camcorder and shooting. Eventually we got together and wrote our first feature script. A few months later it snowballed into our first real production “DeadHouse”. During that time none of us thought it would become a legit feature, we were just having a blast making a movie. Within those 4 grueling months I remember thinking to myself, “regardless of how good (or bad lol) the movie was, if at the end, when it was all pieced together and done, If I could sit down and watch it as a real full feature film, then I found my calling”. Not only was it completed, but several months later it was picked up for a worldwide distribution deal and released in major retail stores. Far beyond my expectations.

GN: What were some of your favorite films growing up and currently?

Macho: There are so many but the ones I can still watch like it’s the first time are: The Crow, Godfather, Scarface, Sleepaway Camp, House and my favorite: Creepshow. Recently in cinema I would definitely say: Inglourious Basterds, Sin City, The Mist, Grindhouse, Boondock Saints, and Inception.

GN: What’s your opinion on the growing trend of 3D movies in theaters?

Macho: It’s complete bullshit. I can understand that films are meant for entertainment, and if you want to make films like Happy Feet 2 in 3d and Toy Story 3, 2012 and any other epic or fun movie in 3D then fine. However, it’s just a gimmick to get people into theaters to see a movie that more than likely has a terrible story. 9 times out of 10, the film itself is horrible. Avatar being a prime example, basic unoriginal story caked over with good technology, and people bought into it. They took The Smurfs and merged it with Ferngully and as long as they can pamper the American audiences with “cool” 3D and CGI then it would be OK. Congrats Cameron you got us!

GN: What made you take the leap into starting your own film company?

Macho: Realizing that this would be the only outlet which would allow me to fully express myself artistically. After DeadHouse, even though I acknowledge it’s unoriginality, I knew I wouldn’t be happier doing anything else.

GN: Shattered Dreams Productions primarily focuses on the horror genre, why did you decide to make this your primary focus?

Macho: Personally it’s my favorite genre, business-wise it’s the smartest move for any indie “low-budget” filmmaker. Horror’s the only genre that no matter how bad the movie is, people will see it and as a product it will make money.

GN: Who have been some of your major inspirations in your film making?

Macho: Without a doubt, John Carpenter and Robert Rodriguez. Two men who can literally do it all. But after meeting and spending a night with George Romero (not like that nasty) , I knew this is the guy I want to be when I’m his age. He makes movies because he loves movies. He could care less about the fame, criticism and money. He’s just been blessed to be successful at it. A great and rare man.

GN: Who do you think are some of the new names to watch for with upcoming projects in the film industry?

Macho: Adam Green! a fan of the genre that just wants to give back to the fans. Who can say neigh to that? Hatchet and Spiral are the best examples of a man who is not single focused on what makes a movie scary. He went from a balls out in your face gore fest with “Hatchet” to a smart, truly psychological thriller in “Spiral”. This guy seems limitless and somehow the majority (mainstream) still don’t know who he is.

And more recently, Brandon McCormick! This guy has one hell of an eye and a knack for storytelling. It appears he mostly does short films, but I kid you not, once you watch a short of his you’ll feel like you just watched a full length feature. I know he’s gonna do some great things!

GN: For the past decade remakes of classic and foreign horror films have seem to have taken over the market, while originality is usually best if you could secure the rights to remake any one horror film with an unlimited budget what would be your dream project?

Macho: My dream project is something that I have actually been actively pursuing for several years now, and that’s the rights for the cult classic “Basketcase”. I always believed that a remake should only be deserved when today’s technology can show it’s full potential. Basketcase is a perfect example of a movie that deserves the remake treatment. It was a great and bizarre story but it’s low budget restricted it greatly. Now with today’s technology, even with a low budget, this film can become something much more than it was original made out to be.

GN: You didn’t attend regular film school, so you are pretty much self taught. Can you tell us about some of your learning experience from your first two films Dead House, and Omega One?

Macho: I have always said that I will eventually write a book called “Surviving DeadHouse: the horror behind a horror film” because there is so much to tell and to be learned on one’s first feature. Roger Corman gave me my leap into film by telling me “There’s nothing film school can teach you, that your first film can’t so take your college money, invest it in your film and make your movie”. Great advice from the master of independent film. I’ve learned so many things on my first features that I had to unfortunately go through in order to really understand this business. But among most of my lessons learned the most important would be: Don’t mix business with pleasure, working with friends is a double edged sword and above all, no matter what people say always push forward, never back.

GN: Dead House was distributed world wide by Brain damage films, and had moderate success in some foreign markets. Can you tell us a little what it meant for you to start from scratch and have your film being watched by fans all around the globe?

Macho: I recently just had a talk about this with one of my producers and I can honestly say I still haven’t gotten a grasp around it. Even now when I receive a royalty check I have to laugh for a moment. I mean, DeadHouse was never intended to be an actual product for filmgoers. It was just something fun to do, fortunately for me it got me going. Regardless if it was good or not, it’s making my distributors and me money, and some people do find it entertaining. At the end that’s what really matters to me now, as a business it worked, and for those who enjoyed it, they’re why I make movies. I make movies for fans of that specific sub-genre, not for others who crowd in lines to watch the latest entry in the “Twilight Saga”. I’m a fan making movies for fans, not for the masses, the money is just a plus.

GN: Your next couple of projects are inspired by a Stephen King short story from his book Just After Sunset. Many movies have been based on the works of Stephen King, how did a relative unknown in the industry get the rights to such a project?

Macho: I was researching another project of mine which led me to some projects authorized by Stephen King. Amazingly, I found out that Mr. King actually supports up and coming filmmakers. He has a program that allows filmmakers that are qualified enough to actually produce a short film based on his work. I approached Stephen and his offices about the rights for “The Things They Left Behind” and was fortunate enough to be deemed qualified for the project. Contracts were sent, signed and filed, now here I am.

GN: You will first be working on the illustrated short “The Way I Said Goodbye”, which will be a companion piece to the live action short “The Things They Left behind”. You are currently in the process of getting funding for those projects, and are reaching out to horror fans to help fund the projects. Can you tell us a little bit about this funding idea and what the GuysNation readers can do to help?

Macho: Our companion piece is our way of getting both films made right. “The Things They Left Behind” is close to production but if people help us raise the funds for “The Way I Said Goodbye” then we will be able to get both films made more appropriately. Films cost money and we want to do Stephen King’s story justice. Therefore, the funding on the companion piece will allow us to fully achieve both films potential. Fund one film to get another made, a two for one deal. If we can’t raise these funds, then “Things” may not be filmed to the scale which will serve it justice. We need everyone’s help with the kickstarter program which allows people to donate anywhere from $1 to the full budget of $5,000. We offer cool and fun things for everyone who helps at different levels of donations. Even walk on role’s in the film!!! Please give the funding program a look at:

GN: Tell us a little bit about your plans for these films once they are produced.

Macho: Our agreement with Mr. King is extremely strict but actually encourages the film to make it to film festivals. So it only makes sense to capitalize on it. Therefore, immediately after the film’s completion, we will be entering it in as many festivals as possible around the world, including: Sundance, and the LA Screamfest. “The Way I Said Goodbye” however, will also be released worldwide on dvd. “Goodbye’s” release however would be pending the completion of our funding through kickstarter.

GN: We’re looking forward to checking these films out in the future at various festivals and film competitions, once they are completed hopefully we can have you back for a follow up interview and we can let the readers know where they can see them. Thanks for your time.

Macho: Just give me the word! Thank you for having me!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee

You can check out some of Shattered Dreams Productions film shorts on their Youtube channel

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