10308301_524015221041570_5473526811165829256_nJim Taylor
JGM Comics, Trinity Comics, Across the Pond, Illustration Studio, Moonstone Comics

Jim Taylor, is a 30 year veteran of the comic’s scene, primarily in the independent realm. His work has been seen in JGM Comics, Trinity Comics, Across the Pond, Illustration Studio, Moonstone Comics, and many others. He’s created cover illustrations, as well as interior sequential work for these various publications. Jim is also the co-publisher/editor of Recollection Magazine, along with fellow artist Rusty Gilligan. He was also the production designer and costume designer for the independent film “The Wraith: Eyes of Judgement”

Mr. Incredible: So the first question that I would like to ask is what were the comics that you read early on as a kid?

Jim Taylor: My first comics were all DC.  I was born just about the time that Marvel was just starting to show up on the scene… so the local drug store mostly had DC titles on their spinner racks (I know… I’m really dating myself there).  Batman was always my favorite, but I also slowly started to collect JLA… anything JSA… and before too long, I was adding Superman, Green Lantern… and then the Marvel titles… Spiderman, Iron Man, the X-Men.  I felt even then that comics weren’t just kids stuff… that they had something to offer for a budding mind… I was the only kid in my elementary school that knew was a geo synchronous orbit was!  (JLA satellite).  unnamed

Mr. Incredible: Who were some of the comic artists that caught your eye as you were growing up?

Jim Taylor: Woo…. that’s a list right there.  First and foremost was Neal Adams, and then just slightly below him was Jose Louis Garcia-Lopez, Carmine Infantino, Jim Aparo, Marshall Rogers, Curt Swan.

Mr. Incredible: Are there any influences that you have that come from outside of the comic book world?

Jim Taylor: I like to think that almost any artist can be an influence, but I think at the top of that list would be Norman Rockwell.  His ability to capture a moment in an illustration was impeccable.

Mr. Incredible: Do you remember what your first drawings were?

Jim Taylor: Yes.  Horrible.  I first started to try to draw the characters that I felt would be “easy” to practice… Green Lantern… the Hulk… but then I latched onto Batman.  I always enjoyed reading his stories… and liked the art I saw… so figured if I was going to try to capture a character… that’s the one to tackle.  I still aim for that goal to this day!

Mr. Incredible: For those who may not know, what is the job of a penciller?

Jim Taylor: The penciller is sort of the director of his own little mini-film.  He gets to take the script, and try to interpret what’s been put into the script onto the page in a graphically pleasing visual fashion.  You try to not only capture what the writer has put own on his/her pages, but to also enhance what he/she has written to give the story more “bam”.  Whether it’s an interesting angle you go for, or a certain mood you try to create with your pencils.  I could be wrong, but I always feel the penciller has the most difficult task of the entire creative team… as he/she is starting with a totally blank page and trying to create something out of basically “nothing”.  The inker’s, and the colorists and even the letterers have their own special skills and tasks… and I’m not taking anything away from them at all.  But the penciller is sort of the foundation of a building.  If that foundation is lousy, no matter how much you might try to pretty the building up later with flourishes and enhancements… it’s probably still going to fall flat on the ground eventually.

Mr. Incredible: What made you want to go down that path?

Jim Taylor: I like the challenge of taking words and turning them into a picture or series of pictures, which make the reader, look and go “Cool!”  Or “Wow, I wouldn’t have thought of it that way”.  It’s only my interpretation, and I’m not saying it’s the only one… but hopefully the reader will like what I’ve presented enough, to want to see more.

Mr. Incredible: What was your first big gig?

Jim Taylor: Each new story (for me) is a big gig… an it’s always the same.  Excitement at the prospect of tackling a new story, character… and seeing what I can contribute to the look of that story.  My work has primarily been with independent publications… I find there’s more freedom in those books.  You’re not constrained to the past so much of a character that’s been around a long long time.  I can say, I was quite flattered when I went to DC for an interview… and the editor there said that my work was too much like Marshall Rogers… and that if they wanted THAT particular look, they’d just hire Marshall.  They ended up giving me a script anyhow, and told me to send it back to them… it was a Secret Origin’s story… and as far as I know… it’s still sitting in someone’s desk at DC (maybe not after the big move?)… but it was an accomplishment that I had been working towards, for years.

Mr. Incredible: How was it like going to your first convention as a penciller?


Jim Taylor: I’ve always enjoyed going to the conventions… my first ever on the “other” side of the table… was for a horror anthology book I had done… and even though it was small press… I was still being approached by the attendees as if I were sitting at a DC or Marvel table! Asking my advice… to look at their art for critique’s… it was a wild day.  I’m still a comic’s fan at heart, so I can remember standing in front of that table, doing the exact same things to artist’s that I admired… so this was like a parallel world déjà vu!  It jazzed me to want to go to more cons.  I still get that same level of excitement to this day.

Mr. Incredible: Where can people see some of your work?

Jim Taylor: They can check out my website JimTaylorArt.com, where I’ve got prints that are available for sale if they’d like, and I’m hoping to have some of my sequential work up there soon to show, though I don’t have any of that art anymore for sale, but it will showcase what I’ve done before.  If you do go to the site, click the image that comes up (it’s presently still under construction) and it’ll bring you in so you can view the rest of the site

Mr. Incredible: If someone was interested in buying some of your work, where could they go?

Jim Taylor: Either they can contact me direct through the website (my email and contact info is there), or on Facebook at The Art of Jim Taylor

Mr. Incredible: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Jim Taylor: I’m always open for commissions if someone’s interested, and I’m usually working on new prints whenever I’m between book gigs.  I’m also presently working on a book that my wife has written, and is now being penciled up by myself.  I’ve spoken to a few of my fellow creators about it… and they all agree it could be big hit!  We’ll see!  Keep an eye out for it soon!

Mr. Incredible: Thank you for taking time out to do this. Is there anything else you would like to say to the supporters and readers?

Jim Taylor: It’s been my pleasure.  To all the supporters and readers… keep dreaming, keep imagining, and keep the wonder of comics, of whatever genre you enjoy, in your thoughts.  As for me?  I’d enjoy hearing from your readers very much… And thanks to you all for reading this interview!

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