For those of you who aren’t familiar with how Twitter works, one way people can add to global conversations is to include a key term in their “tweet” by using what is called a “hash tag”, whereby you add the pound sign (#) to your tweet, followed by whatever term you want.  A global conversation starts when many people start using the same hash tag, typically beginning with a famous individual using it and then their followers joining in.

Today I stumbled across the hash tag “#inappropriatetoys“, where people suggested ideas for toys which would be inappropriate for kids if they were actually put into production.

Sure, you could go to Twitter and look for them yourself, but I’m saving you the work.  Here are some of my favorites, but if you are thin skinned or can’t find humor in the inappropriate, you might want to stop reading now:

Teddy Ruxpimp (@SimonMaloy)

Nahtzee (@MJMcKean)

Etchy Sketchy (@pintinhand)

anatomically correct stretch armstrong (@ajbishop)

Buzzed Lightyear (@oakblood3)

XXX-Box (@NotJohnHubinger)

Operation: OB/GYN Edition (@ScottMeermans)

TSA Agent with Action Grip (@SeanGallagher)

Breaking Bad Chemistry Set (@pattonoswalt / @ducktank)

The Human Centipede Doll, three dolls in one!  (@Ozymandeity) – don’t Google this one if you don’t understand it!

Dominatrix Barbie (@RobLindner89 / @talkingloudly)

Kim MahJong-il (@heyorpheus)

Give Mr. Potato Head (@TheStevenWeber)

Fister (@Stacey0)

MerryGoDown (@Stacey0)

House-Arrest Slap-Bracelet (@jasonwads)

Finger-Me Elmo (about a dozen people)

Dragon Ballsy (@miss_clotho)

Darryl Strawberry Snortcake (@brandibax)

Beaner Babies (@PaulaInTulsaOK)

battleship: north korea edition (@ajbishop1)

Hungry, Hungry Hippos – The biggest loser edition (@richmondad)

911 Jenga (@NachoTwitCheese)

Barrel ‘o’ junkies (@julesette66)

Where in the World is Natalie Holloway? (@robperry_12)

Be encouraged to reply to this article with your ideas for inappropriate toys!