You may know me as a guy who does the music stuff. Possibly you know me via my budding man crush on Stephen Strasburg. What you probably didn’t know? I can read!

*awaits the gasps to subside*

For real. AND for true. Sadly, I don’t read as much as I used to. Well… that’s not entirely true, I read via the internet, but I don’t read books all that much. So I’ve set out on a reading mission. Which I am on pace to fail at, miserably… BUT, the good news is this mission led me to the book I’m about to ramble on about.

Tim Kurkjian’s “Is this a Great Game, or What?”

A little background. Tim Kurkjian currently works for Baseball Tonight, on ESPN. He is one of my favorite, if NOT, my favorite MLB Analyst. He was also a beat writer for the Baltimore Orioles, and Texas Rangers, before becoming a columnist with Sports Illustrated.

This book is his love affair and how it led him down the career path he’s joyously trecked for the last 25+ years.

And I mean JOYOUSLY.

The reason I’m so drawn to Tim is because of the way he obviously loves the game. Watching him on Baseball Tonight talk about the crazy historical minutia is like watching a kid describing his first game. There is awe, respect, and enjoyment. A “I can’t believe I get to do this every day… AND get paid!” Because, even if Tim Kurkjian was a landscaper or an airline pilot? He’d still obsess over this game. He’d still cut out every box score of every game from the daily news paper (which he does and continues to do, and saves). He’d still consider baseball the greatest game. He’d still be someone who’d be an absolute blast to sit down and talk baseball with.

This book is about as close to sitting down and getting to talk baseball with Tim Kurkjian as I can imagine I’ll ever get.

Tim’s exuberance is all over this book from start to finish.

Its a collection of stories he’s collected in his time as a baseball fan, and most notably as a baseball journalist. Each chapter is another reason as to WHY Tim Kurkjian considers baseball to be the best game. He makes his case and interweaves tales from players like Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn to Managers like Don ZImmer and Earl Weaver. He touches on it all, but with a game this deep and rich with history and characters I’m sure there could be a second book.

I highly recommended for baseball fans. If you’re a huge fan? I implore you to pick it up. Casual fan who likes what Tim Kurkjian brings to Baseball Tonight, Mike & Mike, or Sportscenter? Go get this book. Download it to your Ipad (if its available). Borrow it from a friend. Get a library card. Text me and I’ll text you the transcript 160 characters at a time.

Its a great look inside America’s Pastime from a diehard fan who is living his dream each and every day getting to cover the game he absolutely adores, and getting to compile those stories and good times into this highly entertaining book!