The Royal Rumble has always been one of my favorite WWE events.  With the 24th annual Royal Rumble approaching (yes, it’s the 24th, in spite of what Michael Cole has said 12.6 billion times the last few weeks), it always makes me reminisce of Rumbles past.  I remember my younger days when on “Superstars,” Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan would always hype the big 30-man battle royal, with limited names ever announced prior to the event, so we’d always try to guess who else would participate.  Man, I miss being young.  Back to where I was going with this…

1992 was an unprecedented year for the Rumble.  That was the year that the winner of the Royal Rumble would become WWF Champion, and every year since then, the winner has earned a WWF/E (and now World Heavyweight) Championship match at WrestleMania.  Many fresh faces have won Rumbles and gone on to win big.  Guys like Yokozuna (1993), Shawn Michaels (1995, lost at WrestleMania XI, but won the Rumble again in 1996 and won at WrestleMania XII), Steve Austin (1997), Chris Benoit (2004, and yes, I spoke his name), and Rey Mysterio (2006) all won their first Word titles after winning the Rumble.

But on the other side of that are Rumble winners who have already been multiple-time champions.  Kind of takes the shine off of winning the Rumble if you’ve already been a World champ, and already headlined WrestleMania.  Even worse if they’ve been multi-time champs already, like the cases of John Cena, Triple H, and Edge, who have won the Royal Rumble.

Yup, this happened

So here’s my idea: What if the Royal Rumble were contested of thirty superstars who have NEVER won a World title?  At least not a WWE World title.  R-Truth would qualify for the Rumble, seeing as he’s a former NWA World Champion.  Not that WWE would ever acknowledge that.

Just think about it, that automatically makes the Royal Rumble more exciting, right?  Because now you know you’ll see at least one fresh face in a WrestleMania main event.

Now I can see the downside to this, too.  Seeing as WWE has thrown World title reigns around like nothing the last few years, a good percentage of the active roster would be ineligible, so we’d have a good possibility of having guys like Tyler Reks, Ezekiel Jackson, or Yoshi Tatsu getting World title matches.  But, we’d also have the possibility of Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, or even Zack Ryder going to WrestleMania.  The last set of names are certainly deserving.

Something WWE could also do, is something they’ve done in past Rumbles, and bring in international stars for appearances in the Rumble.  Maybe even an appearance or two on Raw or Smackdown to hype them up.  It’s been done before.  Mil Mascaras, Great Kabuki and Carlos Colon have all made appearances in the Royal Rumble match.  They could even use FCW talent, or the NXT roster, if they choose.

The point I’m really trying to make here, is if, for example, Randy Orton wins the Rumble this year (which is possible, the PPV is in his hometown of St. Louis), it’s not going to be very exciting at all.  He’s already been a World champion many times, and already won the Rumble as a former champ.  Give someone else a chance run with the ball.

Imagine WrestleMania ending like this...

And WWE, if you read this, and use this idea in 2013, at least give me credit.  Thanks.

Another IWC Jerk is a self-proclaimed pro wrestling guru.  He can name more wrestling moves than Michael Cole.  Then again, so can a six-year-old.
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