For the majority of the traditional work force, Mondays suck, and Wednesdays mark the middle of the week – when the worst is over. Here at GuysNation, we’re here to help make things better and provide a very early start to the weekend. How are we doing that? By providing our Hump Day Hotties series, a weekly feature which brings you some of the sexiest women of the world.

This week’s “Hottie” is Playboy cover girl Sydney Barlette. She’s one of our regular “Hotties”, so if you have any questions for her, reply here and we’ll get her to respond in future articles! She also happens to be the current CYBER GIRL OF THE WEEK FOR PLAYBOY.COM (and we’ve got the hook-up, so keep reading)! Once you see the images below you will want to do two things:

1 – follow online through her Twitter account (@SydneyBarlette). If (or WHEN) you do follow her, be sure to let her know that you found out about her from @GuysNation! By doing that, you enter yourself into the contest to win a tshirt or another awesome prize.

2 – when you’re done, check out the links that are featured way down on the page, which have some galleries you’re not going to want to miss (unless you’re at work… in which case, wait for later).

For now, just sit back and enjoy the sights of Sydney Barlette!

There are two great FREE NUDE Galleries of Sydney Barlette waiting for you!
Gallery 1 and Gallery 2