For the majority of the traditional work force, Mondays suck, and Wednesdays mark the middle of the week – when the worst is over. Here at GuysNation, we’re here to help make things better and provide a very early start to the weekend. How are we doing that? By providing our Hump Day Hotties series, a weekly feature which brings you some of the sexiest women of the world.

This week’s “Hottie” is Tara Babcock, whom you can follow online through her Twitter account (@TaraBabcock), and through her official website – – on both of which she has plenty of great pics – candid and otherwise. But to see what she looks like and appreciate her beauty, you don’t have to go to Twitter just yet. As always, we’ve got the first two rounds covered. We also got a chance and sit down with her for a little one-on-one… and here’s the first part of that:

GuysNation: Tara, one of the things we love about you is that you’re a gamer chick. When did you get started on playing video games?

Tara Babcock: I’ve been gaming my entire life. I started out with an Atari and the little red and black joystick, and progressed to a whole gaming room full of systems from the Sega Genesis and CD, to PlayStation 1 and 2, Nintendo, and more! I just recently, in the last few years, started playing computer games like World of Warcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic, Fable, StarCraft, and Diablo. Funny anecdote; I used to think you had to actually type in commands for WoW, and that it was too hard without a controller! More like Dungeons and Dragons’ pen and paper, meets programming! Eeek!

If you were going to be stuck in a room for three days with just food, internet access, what gaming system and which three games do you hope are there?

I would want StarCraft 2 to be there. One of my New Years resolutions is to get to the Platinum league and start streaming. Aside from that, I would need my PlayStation 3. I would play something low key between my SC match losses to calm down. I get so emotional when I’m on a losing streak!

Do you have an online gamer tag you want to share with the readers?

My gamer ID for all of the Blizzard games is TaraBabcockx. I am epic on WoW, and ultra terrible on StarCraft 2! Feel free to stalk me! I’m not going to give you my PSN ID, it’s a secret!

Trash talk in online gaming can vary greatly. Do the guys you’re playing against on there usually know who they’re battling, and does the trash talk ever get crazy because of it?

Sometimes people recognize the name and say things like, “Oh my god, nice name choice, Bro! She’s hot!” or “Are you the real Tara Babcock!?” Most of the time people just make fun of the “cock” in my name. In Warcraft, though, the whole server pretty much knows who I am, and there are some jerks. I just troll back, or ignore them and focus on my fans and friends. My guild always has my back!

Another thing we love about you is that there’ve been times where you “gamer nerd” it up a little bit at conventions, doing some video game related cosplay. Just off the top of your head, what are some of your
favorite outfits along those lines?

Well the Mario costume for Glamourcon 52 in Long Beach, California was my first legitimate cosplay endeavor! I created the outfit myself from scratch, using a pattern I formulated from the vision I had in my head. I’m currently experimenting with hair colors, so stay tuned for some fun cosplay from that! I’m looking forward to playing Caitlin Fairchild from Gen13, Lara Croft, Misty from Pokemon, Aerith from Final Fantasy VII, and more!

Would you ever consider taking requests?

I am absolutely looking for requests and Ideas. I’ve gotten a few, from Samus Aran to Superwoman. Just remember, it’s got to be a character with long blonde hair, and a relatively simple outfit, or something that can be bodypainted on! I don’t like to wear wigs or buy the outfits!

And now… those pics we were talking about, and while you look, try to think about some costumes you’d like to suggest Tara wear!