For the majority of the traditional work force, Mondays suck, and Wednesdays mark the middle of the week – when the worst is over. Here at GuysNation, we’re here to help make things better and provide a very early start to the weekend. How are we doing that? By providing our Hump Day Hotties series, a weekly feature which brings you some of the sexiest women of the world.

Today’s “Hottie” is Vanessa, whom you can follow online through her Twitter account (@Vanessaxo). She will be one of our regular “Hotties”, so if you have any questions for her, reply here and we’ll get her to respond in future articles!

For now, just sit back and enjoy the sights!

photos provided by Vanessa.

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This is also not the only Hump Day Hotties article!

Next week we have another very sexy Hump Day Hottie all setup, and all we can say is we’re VERY thankful for her at Thanksgiving!