So I usually cover Frisky Friday on Mondays to help ease the start of the week, but not this week. Nope, but instead, I’ve saved it for this week’s installment of Hump Day Hotties instead. Shown below, I’ve got my four favorites from August 16th… and ladies, if I left you out of the list, I either didn’t see your picture, it was a repeat of something I’d seen on your site before… or you need to step up your game. And no, I don’t mean to say that you’re not hot enough, but either you let something slip (and I’m not allowed to show ACTUAL nudity here) or it was out of focus or the flash distorted things or you were making an un-sexy face.

This is how it’s done, ladies.





@TheRealJV – Jennifer Vaughn




Which one’s your favorite? Tough choice… So I guess I’ll let you pick two…