We’re less than two weeks away from WWE SummerSlam, and so far there are only three official matches on the card, but we’ve had plenty of hints as to things yet to come, so let’s see what the SummerSlam card might look like.  Given the wildly popular “Questions Stemming From…” articles I write, it would be counter-productive for me to read any spoilers, so don’t expect that this article has any knowledge of what happens on Smackdown.

Matches We Know

Randy Orton qualified the day after Money In The Bank to fight Sheamus at SummerSlam with RAW’s World Title on the line.  In fact, that match was the first contest of the evening.

Rey Mysterio similarly qualified to fight for Smackdown’s World Championship, and so he will be facing Kane, the man who took the belt from him to end the Money In The Bank pay per view.

The Nexus angle continues with the big 14-man elimination tag match on SummerSlam.

The Hints We’ve Had

I think it’s safe to assume that C.M. Punk is going to be facing The Big Show in a match of some sort at SummerSlam.  Big Show demasked Punk and Joseph Mercury, and now the Straight Edge Society got the leg up on the giant by injuring his hand.

The past few years, the WWE doesn’t have a history of putting too much importance on having pay per view championship matches for the United States title nor the Intercontinental Title.  It wouldn’t surprise me if The Miz was left completely off the card, although I do think that Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston will likely have an Intercontinental championship match.

After Melina made her return on RAW, it’s almost a lock that she’ll be fighting Alicia Fox on SummerSlam for the Diva’s title.

I wouldn’t expect WWE to have more than one Women’s match on SummerSlam, and Melina’s match seems very likely, but if there were going to be two, I wouldn’t be shocked if we got Michelle McCool vs Layla El, or some sort of three-way match which could involve Kelly Kelly.

Okay, take a minute and get the concept of “Kelly Kelly” and “three-way” out of your brain, then we can continue.

I continue to maintain the opinion that WWE should take the dual Women’s Champion and turn it into a women’s tag team championship.  Kelly Kelly has a tag team partner available in Tiffany.

Things have been brewing between Christian and Matt Hardy, though I don’t think they’ll make their way onto the SummerSlam card.  Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger will likely get to rest during the event as well, despite being featured somewhat prominently on Friday Night Smackdown.

We know the 7 guys who will fight on Wade Barrett’s side for Nexus, but it’s still less clear who John Cena’s team will have.  Chris Jericho and Edge have made their exit from the RAW team, and assuming they don’t return, that leaves the spot open for two more.  Some people have guessed that with Bret Hart on the team, the Hart Dynasty could jump in as the 6th and 7th members.  Adding the Tag Team Champions?  That’d surely make Cena’s team more cohesive, but their inclusion depends on what WWE is hoping to do with Edge and Jericho.

Option 1:

Evan Bourne & Mark Henry take the vacant spots, as they’ve both been significantly involved in the Nexus Angle.

Edge and Jericho face Hart Dynasty for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

I don’t totally like the idea of Edge and Jericho taking the tag titles right now, but I’ll certainly admit that it’s likely an option WWE is heavily considering.  No matter which of these options WWE goes with, I don’t expect Edge & Jericho to rejoin the 7-man squad.

Option 2:

Bret Hart leaves the team due to injury and the three members to fill in the gaps are Evan Bourne and the Hart Dynasty.  It would let Bret off the hook for not being able to bump, and it would setup an interesting possibility.

Edge and Jericho form their own stable, including Ted DiBiase, The Uso Brothers, William Regal and Zack Ryder, attacking some remnants of Cena’s team and giving a partial assist to Nexus.

Option 3:

This option involves some sort of double-cross where Jericho and Edge rejoin the team but decide to help it implode at ringside.  I don’t like this option very much, though.

In Summary

The three matches we already know will take up more than half of the allotted pay per view time, but there’s certainly enough time for at least three more matches.  Expect to see Melina vs Alicia Fox (a match which can be cut short if the main event seems like it might not have enough time), Big Show vs CM Punk and probably something involving Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston.