YOUNG AND RECKLESS: Vince Young is unemployed and, thanks to his pricey habits, is also very, very broke. Photo courtesy Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It’s not easy to blow money like everything electronic, including your bank account, is about to stop working, but Vince Young was has apparently spent his money as if J.J. Abrams’ most recent apocalyptic vision is about to come true.

When he was drafted as the third overall pick in 2006, Young signed a rookie contract that guaranteed him about $26 million.

Fast forward six years later, Young isn’t playing football, got cut by a team that went 6-10 last year, and is now apparently broke. Wait a minute, doesn’t he have like almost $30 million dollars? The short answer is “not anymore”.

A few days ago it came out that Vince Young, AKA ‘VY’, was facing mounting debt and was virtually broke just a month or so after losing his job in the NFL. Everyone knew that the once budding star had flamed out, but such an acute story of “riches to rags” captivated the drama-hungry media.

Well, yesterday VY spent some of the day explaining his financial situation. Unfortunately, much like his quarterback play, he wasn’t too convincing.

According to Young, the vast majority of his current financial fiasco stems from “betrayal”.  As he put it, the loss of his money stems “from betrayal by those I trusted most”. But, of course he wouldn’t name names. There are plenty of suspects, though. His agent, a so-called “financial pioneer”, heck, maybe it’s even Chris Johnson’s fault for not doing a better job to conceal the fact that he is an inadequate NFL quarterback.

You see, the fact of the matter is Young can point the blame at any one of a number of characters, but four fingers will always be pointed back at him, and rightfully so. In the wake of his “brokeness” several stories have risen out  of Nashville and other parts of the country about VY’s extravagant (read: bizarre) expenses.

Here are some of the highlights:


Thank God It’s Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. And, Yeah.

It turns out, VY had a hankering for neighborhood grillin’. He frequented one T.G.I. Friday’s location and even spent $6,000 on a meal for him and his friends. Six GRAND. At T.G.I. Friday’s. We just did the math and that’s about 858 orders of Loaded Potato Skins.

But it’s hard to find a place that treats you right. After so many visits, bartenders offered him a “special drink”. This made VY feel even more like a big shot and he ordered it EVERY time he came in. And the special drink? It turns out it was just a Melon Ball.

Getting one celebrity to frequent your establishment usually brings more in. Big shots are a lot like moths in that way. So when word got around that Vince had made this T.G.I. Friday’s his home away from home, his old pal LenDale White showed up. White didn’t have a “special drink”, he just LOVED Patron. In fact, he once got kicked out of the family restaurant for bringing his own bottles of the Mexican gold to the their happy hour. Now that’s what I call bottle disservice.

White eventually learned how the game was played and racked up his own impressive tab as he took his business elsewhere. According to waitresses, LenDale once ordered 75 shots of the tequila at a local Dave and Buster’s and was gone thirty minutes later. SEVENTY-FIVE?! What was he trying to do, sterilize a comically large syringe?

No Bag Fees. Or People On Board

When VY was feeling down, he didn’t want to be around people. It led to a scare a few years ago when he fell off the grid and worried friends and family that he had tried to take his own life. That turned out to be a false alarm, but it made this insane story all the more believable.

Flying from Nashville to Houston via Southwest Airlines in 2007, Young didn’t feel like dealing with the little hassles of air travel like “humans” and “society”. His solution? He booked 120 seats on the flight FOR HIMSELF.

The plane actually had a max occupancy of 130 and apparently 10 lucky (or unlucky) passengers reserved seats before VY could sell out the flight. Either that, or Vince’s offensive line had to reserve two seats each as per Southwest’s, ahem, “big person” policy.

I did a little research and discovered the average plane ticket today for such a flight for ONE seat is about $300. So, by the measurements on our abacus, Young spent about $36,000 for one airplane flight that wasn’t chartered and wasn’t private.

For the Love of Chocolate Cheesecake

I hope the staff at T.G.I. Friday’s didn’t think they were in a committed relationship with Vince because it turns out he was a player when it came to loving restaurants.

During his rookie year, Vince Young reportedly spent about $5,000 PER WEEK at a local Nashville Cheesecake Factory. Forget the extravagant expenses, I’m just surprised Young doesn’t look like Jabba the Hutt at this point.

No, apparently AGAIN it wasn’t all for him. According to the same testimonials, VY regularly picked up the tab for fellow teammates. He’s either one of the nicest guys in the world or his teammates were downright diabolical when it came to rookie hazing.

$5,000 a week in the regular season alone comes out to $85,000. All we can do is hope he ended up eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner there and didn’t have any OTHER food expenses during those four months.

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! …To Your Wallet

Every player has their postgame ritual. For some, it’s a hot bath. For others, it might be a burger and a beer. For VY, it was a trip to Morton’s for $600 shots of Louis XIII.

No, that isn’t $600 per visit, that’s $600 for EACH SHOT. Why? Because Louis XIII is an extremely high-end Cognac. To give you an idea, the Special Edition bottle of Knob Creek comes with a free grill mitt. the Special Edition bottle of Louis XIII is sold in decanters made by the famous Baccarat Crystal company.

Yeah, THAT’S the shots Young ordered after every Titans home game. God forbid he ever ordered 75 shots at a time like his pal LenDale White, it would’ve cost the quarterback $45,000 and he did this after EACH home game. And you thought smoking stogies on your back porch was an expensive activity.

Stripped of Your Wealth

Last year Vince Young got into it with the manager of a strip club because the man wouldn’t charge $8,000 to his credit card for that amount in ones. As the conflict escalated, Young was eventually arrested.

The poor man just wanted “to make it rain”.

I’m not one to judge, but I’ve got to think strip club managers are, generally speaking, sleazy people. So if one of them said no to VY’s exorbitant requests, you have to wonder just how many actually said yes. Of course, there are no confirmed reports of this, but this one altercation that WAS made public happened five year’s into the quarterback’s career.

How’s that saying go? Old habits die hard?


So Vince Young can sue his agent for $5.5 million and say the man “misappropriated” much of his paycheck, but it’s fair to say VY did a lot of misappropriating of his own. Just off of the incidents above, Young spent almost $200,000.

Any way you slice it, Vince Young is broke and it’s pretty easy to see why. On the other hand, Young clearly already has established connections at the local T.G.I. Friday’s which is a good thing because, unless an NFL team comes calling soon, he’ll need to start working there soon enough.

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