WWE could use a jump-start right about now to make things a bit more energized. The current feuds are getting a bit stale or are lacking in the way they were built. It makes sense to use a Hell In A Cell for Ambrose to put a cap on their feud, but there seems to be no real reason to get the same treatment on the other main event. What about John Cena vs Randy Orton would warrant a Hell In  A Cell match, other than the fact that it happens to be the highest profile match on the pay per view which celebrates the innovative cage match?

With Daniel Bryan still injured, CM Punk completely distancing himself from professional wrestling, and Brock Lesnar sitting out this event (and every episode of RAW since late September), the WWE right now is in a bit of a slump. It’s getting BORING, but there’s plenty of talent which could be utilized to re-energize things, and Seth Rollins could be the key, and this weekend is the time to kick things into the next gear.

Seth Rollins is probably not ready to hold the WWE World Championship.

Disagree with me all you want, but you’ll have to show me an example of a time when he proved that he could stand in the ring with a championship belt and actually sell himself as the top of a division. The run he had as HALF of the World Tag Team Champions doesn’t really count, because he had two other guys in his group and the burden of seeming like they belonged atop the division was split between the trio.

Given time and the right amount of time in the spotlight, Seth Rollins will likely seem to be a viable superstar to hold the top championship in professional wrestling. When people look at Rollins, they need to think of him as a champion who belongs among the top names in the business, not just a guy who is holding the belt because he has the political backing of the guys in charge.

At Hell In A Cell, not only could Seth Rollins take the next step towards being viewed as a champion, but the WWE as a whole could help re-energize itself and increase the perceived value of one of its greatest assets.

Following a loss to Dean Ambrose in the first half of the show, Seth Rollins should sit backstage and wait for Dolph Ziggler to barely defeat Cesaro in an epic 2-out-of-3 Falls match, and then hit him with a briefcase during the celebration. From there, it should be a simple matter of getting Ziggler’s lifeless body into the ring and pinning him to win the Intercontinental Championship.

That’s right, Seth Rollins should make history by being the first person to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase on the Intercontinental Championship.

Why not have Rollins cash in on Lesnar (or whomever it is that defeats Lesnar for the belt)? Because then the WWE has an unproven commodity sitting atop the wrestling business, he’ll have heat with the only other wrestler in The Authority, he has Brock Lesnar looking to take him out, will have to deal with John Cena, and still has Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose looming. All with the pressure of being the top guy.

By having Seth Rollins cash in to become the Intercontinental Championship, a championship which actually meant something 25 years ago will once again rise to prominence as the top most sought-after title on RAW. There’s no World Championship to focus on. Even if Brock is competing at Survivor Series, he won’t be in the ring every week. He’d likely be sitting out the majority of RAW episodes between now and Survivor Series even if he does return. And if Survivor Series is when the World Champ returns, we’re likely just getting another rematch between The Beast and John Cena, which is a match we’ve already seen the build for 100 times, so there’s no new ground to cover in the weeks leading up to the return match.

RAW_1116_Photo_0093-1771132709One interesting aspect would be the dynamic between Randy Orton, who would have failed to earn a shot at the World Title, and the reigning Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins, who Triple H is treating as the focal point of RAW on a weekly basis as the top champion on the show.

As the only champion showing up each week, and most superstars agreeing that they don’t want to be the next victim for Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins has the chance to defend the belt against some of the most talented wrestlers in the business in heavily promoted matches with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at his side.

When John Cena, Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan eventually get the WWE World Championship – because it will inevitably be one of those three (barring the unlikely return of CM Punk) – Seth Rollins could easily be sold as the top contender to the belt. In the past, the Intercontinental Champion had been considered the #2 guy in WWE, so there’s precedent. Even if there wasn’t, The Authority could just book a match between Rollins and the WWE World Champion because they’re The Authority.

There’s also The Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber which could help put Seth Rollins back into the WWE World Title picture again, and at that point he could have some valuable experience atop the WWE landscape without the pressure of being seen as the World Champion.

All by cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase on the Intercontinental Championship.

And that doesn’t even begin to speak to what happens for the belt even after he’s held it, and what it does for Dolph Ziggler as he chases Rollins to get the belt back, or what it does for the guy who eventually defeats Rollins to win the belt.