It was a hot day that just kept getting hotter and hotter at Kansas Speedway for the STP 400 this weekend.  For the second week in a row, it all came down to fuel.  Dale Earnhardt Jr, who would have won last week if he had a little more fuel, ran out at the finish line, giving up the win to Brad Keselowski, who won the fuel mileage game.  Dale Jr. now jumps up to 3rd in the overall ranking, sitting behind Carl Edwards and teammate Jimmy Johnson.  Other top contenders in the race were Denny Hamlin and Jeff Gordon along with Carl Edwards round out the top-five drivers for the day.  I am not surprised that, with all the fury surrounding Kyle Busch these days, he didn’t do better.  I listened to the announcers discuss that same issue, saying that when he puts that helmet on, everything else goes away…i disagree.  Sometimes that stuff creeps in and that is that.

Kyle has made it in the news a lot recently.  His feud on the track, his ticket for speeding in the prototype Lexus (you and I would have gone to jail for 84 miles per hour over the speed limit), and now a fight in the garage with opposing team owner Richard Childress.  I am shocked that Mr. Childress was involved with a fight, but then I look at Kyle and say he probably had it coming.  In the old days they would have had it out and NASCAR wouldn’t have said a thing.  But I guess they have to bring order to the chaos.  The fine was pretty steep at 150k, but I am sure Mr. Childress has that.  I would like to ask him if it was worth hitting Kyle.  If I had the money…well, I don’t so forget it.

I am happy to see that Tony Stewart is solid in The Chase right now at 8th and he had a decent run, notching up a top-ten finish.  Another person who seems to be slogging it out this year and just working through the season is Kurt Busch.  I think he needs to be watched or he might be a top contender by the end of the season.

Well, I have been saying it all season, calling a season of change.  I know Jimmy is near the top, but I have a feeling it isn’t his year.  I think Jr. is going to break his losing streak soon.  He is running very well and it is going to pay off.  I really think that his being teamed up with Steve Letarte is going to pay off.

On a sad note, the season now shifts away from FOX sports and will be on NBC and TNT.  It is a sad time of the year for me…Boggity Boggity Boggity, lets go racing boys!  Well, there is always next year!