Well today is the day I’ve been waiting a few months for. I finally got my hands on that sweet nectar that is known as Hopslam. Hopslam is a Double IPA from Bells Brewery out of Kalamazoo Michigan. It is only released once a year which makes the beer incredibly hyped. Tonight I’m going to judge if the hype is justified.

Appearance: Pours with about an inch of head that holds for quite awhile. This is one pretty beer with a dark golden color that seems to just invite you to take a sip.  

Smell: It gets even better once you get to the nose on this beer. I am truly loving the honey scent I get right off the bat. Huge floral notes follow up and dominate the senses. This is such a sweet smelling beer that I am going to have trouble getting my nose away from the glass and putting it to my lips. I don’t see how it can get much better.

Perfect on a cold night

Taste: Hey guys remember a second ago when I said it couldn’t get any better? Well, turns out I lied. This beer is one of the smoothest Double IPA’s I’ve ever had. This one starts out subtle and you get a bit of sweetness up front. It starts to change a little bit then BAM!  It was about that point I got smacked with a huge hop profile. The honey does seem to come out strong towards the end but does not take away much from the strong bitterness that the hops bring to the table.  

Mouthfeel:  I am really pleasantly surprised here. I was thinking that with a big abv of 10% that it would possibly outshine the rest of the beer but I am very happy to say I was wrong. Hopslam has a great carbonation and and is so easy to drink.  

Overall: Wow. Honestly I don’t have much more to say than Wow. This is a terrific beer that truly holds up to all the hype it is given. It is a massive beer, so to give this one a shot you better be prepared not to drive anywhere after one or two, not that you’d want to tear yourself away from this glass. I cannot recommend this beer enough if you’re a hophead.