I don’t need to break the news that Brett Favre told the Minnesota Vikings he’s retiring.  If you know who Brett Favre is, you already heard he’s retiring.  Very few people have heard it from Brett Favre himself.  Not Brad Childress his head coach or the players he took the field with last year.  But all the word I’m hearing is that he’s retired.

I don’t care if he actually retires.  He’s played a lot of games, thrown a lot of touchdowns and interceptions and taken a lot of hits.

I don’t care if he makes an official announcement tomorrow that he’s coming back.  He had a good year last year and without him, the Minnesota Vikings might not even be the favorite to win the NFC North.

All I gotta say is that Brett Favre needs to make his decision now and stick to it.  I don’t care about the Minnesota Vikings, but they deserve the common courtesy from Brett Favre to make the decision and stick with it.  They gave him the chance to play the Green Bay Packers twice last season.

He needs to give them the chance to do whatever they gotta do in order to field a team in 2010 with a good quarterback.

Sage Rosenfelds?  Not exactly the starter I’d want to take helm.

Tavaris Jackson?  Maybe.

If Brett Favre speaks up and announces officially that he’s done, then the Vikings can try out other options like my boy Colt Brennan who the Redskins cut yesterday, or even try to trade for somebody.

If Brett Favre can’t make his decision soon and stick with it, that’s going to taint his legacy even more.