Continuing the tournament which was started (and, I believe, abandoned) by Moviefone, I’ve got the semi-finals of the Heroes And Villains Tournament.

In case you didn’t see the other portions of this voting, essentially how this works is that someone at AOL Moviefone setup a tournament bracket with Heroes from movies on one side and Villains from movies on the other side.  I took their initial matchups, gave my thoughts for each of the 8 portions of the bracket, and then I gave people the opportunity to vote on the pairings that resulted in.

In their Quarter Finals match-up, Batman (from Dark Knight) beat Indiana Jones (from Raiders Of The Lost Ark) with 72% of the vote.  In the other heroes portion, James Bond beat Neo with 53% of the vote in a battle which I believe had something to do with the Bond Girls being way hotter than Trinity.

On the villains side of the bracket, Darth Vader got a dominant victory over Predator, capturing 80% of the vote.  Agent Smith from the Matrix saga nearly got the same kind of domination as he defeated the villain of Se7en, the character known as John Doe, with 70% of the vote.

In the interest of giving people more than two match-ups to vote in, I’m giving some consolation pairings to be decided.

In a consolation match from the last time voting took place, Superman captured 69% of the vote against Die Hard’s John McClane.  The only man to escape Shawshank Prison, Andy Dufresne, nearly matched that number as he defeated Will Kane (of High Noon) with 63%.

In the villain’s part of the consolation bracket, Dracula beat Lord Voldemort, showing either that GuysNation readers don’t like the Harry Potter series, or they really like the classics… or both.  The other match-up saw Lex Luthor of Superman fame beat No Country For Old Men’s scary stoic Anton Chigurh.

Instead of just giving a couple more pairings, I’m going to throw a couple curve balls.

Just to see how much people enjoy voting…

And not that anyone voting in this actually saw High Noon…

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