In case you missed it, I’ve started a series of articles giving my take on the current Heroes and Villains tournament.  Essentially half the bracket is comprised of Hero vs Hero battles, leading to the finals where the ultimate hero will meet the ultimate villain (as voted by anyone who goes to the site), who went through a similar bracket of fellow baddies.  I’ve already given my analysis for who would advance from the heroes side of the brackets, and now it’s time to get down to the next set of 8.  Feel encouraged to respond with your take on things.

Head Cases

Match 1 – Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men) vs Hannibal Lecter (Silence Of The Lambs)

Don’t get me wrong, Hannibal Lecter is a great villain, but essentially all he does in “Silence Of The Lambs” is help a detective figure out how to catch a serial killer, and then he manages to escape imprisonment by defacing someone.  Anton Chigurh was innovative in using the cow euthanisation device to put down countless individuals at random, and he was cool as a cucumber the whole time.  If you factor in the things that Lecter did prior to the events of SILENCE and after, he’d win, but for now, I’m giving the upset to Chigurh.

Match 2 – Max Cady (Cape Fear) vs Jack Torrance (The Shining)

Jack Torrance went nuts and terrorized his house.  Max Cady was an evil man who did very bad things and then terrorized the defense attourney and his family and anyone else who got in the way.  In my opinion, Max Cady is the much better villain.

Match 3 – John Doe (SE7EN) vs Vic Vega (Reservoir Dogs)

Vic Vega is far from a nice guy, but in the events of their respective movies, John Doe was far more menacing, far more destructive, far more deviously creative and far more effective.  Easy call here.

Match 4 – Norman Bates (Psycho) vs Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

One guy killed people.  The other guy just thought about it.  If we went with Bateman’s dream world, he’d easily win, if for no other reason than the chainsaw stairs incident, but this is movie reality we’re talking about, and so the man with “mommy issues” wins.

Round 2 Matches

Match 5 – Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men) vs Max Cady (Cape Fear)

Max Cady had a reason to target the people he was seeking to terrorize.  Anton Chigurh’s path almost seemed random, making Anton far scarier.

Match 6 – John Doe (SE7EN) vs Norman Bates (Psycho)

The caretaker of the Bates Motel has some mental issues, but all in all I think he only killed 2 or 3 individuals in his movie, whereas John Doe caused the deaths of 7, and he did it in such a way that it messed with peoples’ minds in the process.

Bracket Finals – Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men) vs John Doe (SE7EN)

Now that I see the finals which have transpired, I couldn’t be happier.  Doe is very calculating in his murders, making elaborate plans and leaving gruesome scenes.  Anton was just trying to escape and survive, and I don’t even think his choice of weapon was for any other reason than availability.  Far scarier and effective was John Doe, who seemed to be in control the whole time.  Chigurh basically got lucky in the end.

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