In case you missed part 1 or part 2, I’ve started a series of articles giving my take on the current Heroes and Villains tournament.  Essentially half the bracket is comprised of Hero vs Hero battles, leading to the finals where the ultimate hero will meet the ultimate villain (as voted by anyone who goes to the site), who went through a similar bracket of fellow baddies.  I’ve already given my analysis for who would advance from the “Physical Heroes” and “Comic / Fantasy” portions of the brackets, and now it’s time to get down to the next set of 8.  Feel encouraged to respond with your take on things.

Sci-Fi All Stars

Match 1 – Luke Skywalker (Original Star Wars Trilogy) vs Han Solo (Original Star Wars Trilogy)

By all accounts, Han Solo is definitely cooler than Luke Skywalker.  No doubt about that.  No matter how many times Luke says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”, you have to admit that the fact that he becomes a Jedi Knight makes him pretty damn cool.  A fight between the two would be no contest, the Jedi definitely wins.

Match 2 – Neo (The Matrix Trilogy) vs The Terminator (T2: Judgment Day)

The Terminator is bad ass, but he just barely beats the T-1000, and he needs help in doing it.  Neo is one of the most bad ass characters possible, able to stop bullets and destroy beings from the inside out.  Almost no contest.  Need more proof?  Think back to the first movie during the shoot-em-up scene in the elevator lobby.  That was BEFORE he fully realized his power.

Vintage Heroes

For whatever reason, Moviefone decided to split this up into two sections, so the Elite 8 representative from this article will feature the winner of Sci-Fi All-Stars and Vintage Heroes

Match 3 – A Tramp (City Lights) vs Judah Ben-Hur (Ben-Hur)

Charlie Chaplain doesn’t get into any sort of fight in City Lights, and Ben-Hur encounters a ton of stuff.  Toughness wins out.  The Tramp shouldn’t even be on this list.  Tons of other good options.  How about Carey Grant’s character from North By Northwest, or even To Catch A Thief?  Those would’ve been decent options.

Match 4 – T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) vs Will Kane (High Noon)

One guy helped lead an army which reclaimed a nation.  The other guy stood on his own against a bad ass dude when no one else would stand behind him.  There’s no question who the more heroic guy is.  I don’t usually care much for cowboys, but Will Kane is one of the all time great characters in a western.

Round 2 Matches

Match 5 – Luke Skywalker vs Neo (The Matrix)

There’s a lot of similarities between Neo and the powerful Jedi, but given that they’re similarly powerful, I have to go with Neo, who not only has the ability to fly and download new fighting styles, but he’s also not bound by any sort of code of honor like the Jedi.

Match 6 – Judah Ben-Hur vs Will Kane

Much respect to Ben-Hur, but standing up to an opponent in a chariot race and trying to save your family is only moderately heroic compared to standing up against a 4-man gang who has come to town to kill you, especially when the town you’re trying to uphold order for has turned their backs on you.  I didn’t see him waiver in his decision.

Bracket Finals – Neo (The Matrix) vs Will Kane

As heroic as Will Kane is, Neo stands up against the ultimate power to save a race of people from extinction, becoming a near God in the process.  Battling the thousands of incarnations of Agent Smith?  Bad ass.

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