I don’t know how I missed it, but Moviefone.com is currently doing a Heroes and Villains tournament.  Essentially half the bracket is comprised of Hero vs Hero battles, leading to the finals where the ultimate hero will meet the ultimate villain (as voted by anyone who goes to the site), who went through a similar bracket of fellow baddies.  Because I love all things lists and brackets, I’m intrigued by what they’ve got going on, and in addition to voting on each of the match-ups, I’m going to take their first round battles and post who I think should make it to the Elite 8, at which point I’ll let the GuysNation readers choose who they’d want to win in each of the battles.

The way the tournament is setup, heroes and villains are put into categories and battle it out with other similar characters, which means the final hero battle won’t be Superman vs Batman, with only one of those guys able to make it to the Elite 8.  We’ll get to that in Part 2.

Physical Heroes

Match 1 – Ellen Ripley (Aliens) vs General Maximus (Gladiator)

This fight is all about the weapons involved.  Given any kind of firepower, I’d have to go with Ripley, no doubt about it.  Hand to hand combat?  Gotta be the Gladiator.  That said, I’m not entirely sure that Maximus could force himself to fight a woman, and Ripley is all about survival, so one way or another I think we’d see Ripley advance.  (Agree with Moviefone voting)

Match 2 – John Rambo (Rambo) vs John McClane (Die Hard)

Without a doubt, both of these guys know how to get things done, but in my opinion it comes down to how durable John McClane has proven to be.  While I think Rambo would definitely draw first blood, I think McClane would outlast Rambo and come out on top.  (Agree with Moviefone voting)

Match 3 – Indiana Jones vs Robin Hood

One of the most famous scenes from an Indiana Jones movie tells the tale in this one.  Though Robin Hood is clearly the better fighter (Moviefone accurately selects Errol Flynn for the role), Indiana Jones would certainly get tired of the fancy sword-play and rope-swinging and likely just draw a pistol and shoot his opponent to put an end to the nonsense.  We at GuysNation like Robin Hood, but he’s no Indiana Jones.  (Agree with Moviefone voting)

Match 4 – Rocky Balboa vs William Wallace (Braveheart)

Both of these guys can take a beating, and because we want to make things as fair as possible, we won’t be allowing swords in this fight.  Rocky is clearly the better of the two when it comes to hand to hand combat, and I don’t think William Wallace’s heart would be in a fight which is just for sport.  (Disagree with Moviefone voting)

Round 2 Matches

Match 5 – Ellen Ripley (Aliens) vs John McClane (Die Hard)

No questioning Ellen Ripley’s toughness, but you have to like John McClane in this battle.  Ripley’s survival had a bit to do with luck and quite a bit to do with machinery.  McClane knows how to survive even when his body seems broken.

Match 6 – Indiana Jones vs Rocky Balboa

While we’re definitely picking hand-to-hand combat for this match, we’re not limiting them to a boxing ring, and as that’s the case, Indiana Jones is clearly the craftier of the two, so he finds a way to put a stop to the Philly fighter.

Oddly enough, we’ve got the same final two from this part of the bracket as Moviefone does, and because they haven’t voted yet, we get the chance to see if our logic can influence their outcome… if even just the slightest bit.

Bracket Portion Finals:  John McClane (Die Hard) vs Indiana Jones

John McClane doesn’t want to be a hero.  He just wants to help out whenever the need arises.  Indiana Jones loves the adventure and seeks out those opportunities.  I think McClane’s heart wouldn’t be in it, and if given a chance, he’d probably tell Indy to go ahead and advance to the Elite 8, allowing John to spend time with family.  If they were to fight, I think luck and intelligence helps Indiana Jones make it to the Elite 8.

The next bracket we review will be the Comic / Fantasy bracket, and with the matches I’m seeing, it should be fun times!

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