In case you’re part of the large majority of individuals who neither watch TSN (Canadian version of ESPN) nor listen to the Mike Wise radio show (on 106.7 FM “The Fan” from 10 am to 2 pm weekdays), there’s a bit of controversy brewing surrounding something that happened during a recent Washington Capitals hockey game.

As I listened to the Mike Wise show during a lunch break last week, former Washington Capital Alan May came on the show and was speaking about various hockey-related topics, and

The DC Sports Blog has an interesting column about it here, with several good quotes from not only the TSN broadcast but also from the Mike Wise show.

“They’re always trying to poke holes in the Capitals, and it’s the same reason that Mike Green was suspended,” May said on 106.7 The Fan’s Mike Wise Show Monday afternoon, when asked about criticism of the Caps’ netminders. “I thought it was created by TSN up in Canada and their announcers, sitting there on a Friday night. The only angles they showed of the Mike Green hit were very poor angles that looked like it was a bad hit, and when you go in super-slow motion, it makes it look worse all the time. And I thought the Mike Green hit, no one even noticed it the other night. And they made a big deal, and he winds up getting three games out of it.” … “ all depends who they’re (Canadian media) going after, what team he’s from. But if it’s a Washington Capital, they’re going after him hard. They’re picking on the guys south of the border big time. They’re so pro-Canadian up there. Because the league offices are in Toronto, where they dole out the suspensions, they’re on the phone within five minutes of a hit saying, ‘Is he gonna be suspended?’ “Well, the guys in the office there, they’re saying, ‘Well, we didn’t even see it,’ so they’ve got to go back, and all of the the sudden players are getting suspended. I don’t like it at all. I blame it more on the Canadian media, and I think the league has to quit letting those guys have so much influence on the game, because the power of the NHL is in the United States. There’s more teams down here.

Whether or not the hit was clean or the suspension was warranted, Alan May is of the opinion that Canadian Media is biased against the Washington Capitals.  He further goes on to state that point with the following quote:

The style of hockey they play is no different than the style of hockey that the Vancouver Canucks play, but the Vancouver Canucks are top of the pedestal, and they treat the Caps as though they’re frauds.

What will be the backlash, if any?  Should be interesting to find out.