In many ways, multiplayer is the most important aspect of Halo for gamers. It makes sense when you see that a “Halo” title is in the top 3 games played on a weekly basis over Xbox Live on a regular basis. To say that the new keepers of everything Halo, 343 Industries, has a tall order to live up to the addictive gameplay unleashed upon the Earth by Bungie, would be an understatement.

With E3 under 20 days away, 343 wanted to tease us a little more by detailing the different things you can expect with Halo 4’s highly anticipated multiplayer. Lets take a look, shall we?

Halo 4 is trying to upgrade the multiplayer by adding in a more personal touch. Going by the name “Infinity”, when you first boot up the multiplayer side of the game, you’ll be brought aboard the starship, UNSC Infinity. It’s here where your Spartan career begins and you’re able to build and customize him/her and progress your career in multiplayer. The idea behind this is better mesh the multiplayer side with the Halo fiction.

The traditional multiplayer is also getting rebranded as “War Games.” It’ll now feature more detailed progression with abilities that unlock as you level and custom loadouts which is also new to the series.

Armor abilities are making a comeback, though not the same set that we got in Reach. Good news though, sprinting is standard for everyone so you won’t need to waste a spot on that ability.

Hologram and active camo are returning including a new one called Forerunner Vision which will let you see through walls. That’s all 343 was willing to mention at this point. There are also abilities that seem to be similar to a perk/specialization system which will offer your character different options in gameplay.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting a serious Call of Duty vibe here. I wonder if that means guns will no longer spawn around maps like they used to since we have custom loadouts now? This is surely going to be a controversial move amongst the Halo community.

While Firefight isn’t making a comeback in Halo 4, 343 is bringing you a different mode called Spartan Ops. It can be best described as a cinematic mode mixing the Campaign in with multiplayer. Spartan Ops will be an episodic adventure for co-op groups or solo gamers that blends together cinematics and storytelling. Each week you’ll get access to a show which details the crew of the Infinity. This leads into that week’s episodic content for you to play out through Spartan Ops. Better yet? All of this is completely free, so don’t worry about how much points you’ll need to spend on this content.

While all of this is some great information, we still have yet to see the game in action on a meaningful level. I have no doubt that this will be taken care of in a few weeks as Halo 4 will be definitely featured at Microsoft’s press conference. We’ll have to wait and see what else is waiting for us.

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