At least one of the authors here on GuysNation has a lot of experience writing Haiku poems.

I remember the Japanese three-line poems from English class back in school, and I remember it being frustrating to write them.

When the author first started sharing his love of Haikus with some of us, and I approached it with an open mind, even giving it a try myself.  I encountered some mild frustration, but as I re-worked what I had originally written, it actually wasn’t too hard to do.  Not that my Haikus so far have been anything special, but I have garnered a couple laughs from them.

Last night I got the idea that it could be fun to write Haikus for current stories going on in the world, and hence “Haiku The News” is born.

Hopefully we’ll have some decent options for you all to read, accompanied by at least one link to another site where you can read more about the actual news story.

We’ll probably have a contest or two along the way, but we’ll see.