So a number of GuysNation writers got toegther a few weeks ago and did a draft for Yahoo fantasy football. You can find the results here. After 3 weeks of games, it’s time to take a look at how we’re doing. As a note, I’m putting the team names, as I’m unsure which teams belong to which writers. If you do have a team in the league, let me know so I can reference you in later posts instead of your team.


1) Rob-OaktonJuggernaut  3-0-0
2) Black and Gold JMB        2-1-0
3) LICENTIOUS LEMURS          2-1-0
4) VooDoo                          2-1-0
5) tbd                                  1-2-0
6) Springfield Doghouse      1-2-0
7) MaizeOut (<–Me)             1-2-0
8 ) Graceland Elvi                0-3-0

There were a few close wins this past week, including Rob maintaining his undefeated record by defeating JMB, who along with LEMURS fell from teh ranks of the unbeaten. tbd and I were able to get our first wins of the seasons. Some things to take away from the season so far:

-My team in particular got an early season blow when I lost Jamaal Charles.
-Given that he was unable to make the live draft, Rob has a particularly strong team going forward
-This is more then likely due to the fact that he has 4 of the top 8 performers in the Yahoo ranks so far
-This is no casual league as all managers have made numerous waiver moves
-JMB has the lead in total points scored, while I (unfortunately) have the least amount of points
-Defensively, Rob has the fewest points against, while tbd has allowed the most

Well there’s your update on how the GuysNation is doing. I thought the readers would find it interesting to see how the league is doing. Of course, whoever ends up winning the championship will get bragging rights and probably will flaunt that fact for all to read.