Assume you wake up one morning and sitting next to you on the bed is a cylindrical object.  Thinking that your suspicion can’t be right, you pick up the familiar-seeming object, give it a moment’s inspection and you push a switch on it, activating a three-foot lightsaber blade right out of the Star Wars movies.  Flicking the switch back, the futuristic blade retracts back into the handle.

What do you do with this thing?

You don’t know how it got there.

You’ve never heard of this object actually existing before.

You pinched yourself, so you know you’re not dreaming.

If your neighbors find out that you have it, who knows how they’d react.

If the government finds out that you have it, would they confiscate it?  What would they do if they figured out how to recreate the technology?  Would they interrogate you on how you happened to come across this futuristic weapon?

Would there be money to be made by selling the lightsaber to someone who would replicate it for financial gain?

Would you be worried that someone might try to steal it from you?

Would you be worried about accidentally dismembering yourself by misuse, mishandling or through malfunction?

Does it even matter to you what color the blade is?

Would you wonder if you were going insane?