Last week was bad, m’kay?  Cincinnati showed this week, however you want to rationalize it, that maybe they aren’t as bad a team as everyone thinks by beating Pittsburgh.  With that said, as negative as I am towards “my team,” Green Bay still should have beaten them.  This week it’s the dreadful Rams, losers of 12 straight.  Even though, out of superstition more than anything else, I picked against you guys–can you PLEASE win??  Thoughts:

1) Not a bad start by the defense, though Al Harris gives up a 13 yard catch.  Considering it was a 42 yard kick return to start the game, this doesn’t look like it’ll be another special teams grade-A effort.  Or wait…blocked field goal!  All right!  Blocked by Johnny Jolly.  Johnny Jolly=ball magnet.

2) Chad Clifton is out again, so it’s Daryn Colledge at left tackle, Jason Spitz at left guard and Scott Wells at center in this weeks “musical chairs” on the O-Line.

3) Road Warrior Animal Jr. (aka-James Laurinaitis, his daddy, for those who don’t know, was a pro wrestler known as–yes, Road Warrior Animal) is on the Rams–and commits a quick pass interference by using his dad’s tag team finishing mauever, The Doomsday Device.  Okay, not really–but he still committed a penalty.

4) It’s the first drive of the game and Leonard Little beats Allen Barbre for a sack.  Remember Barbre, the guy who gave up two sacks to Adewale Ogunleye in the season opener Sunday Night Football game against Chicago?  My best friend is over watching, “My grandma can beat him.”  His grandma is about 80 and uses one of those scooters to get around the house.  It’s a cliche line but I don’t think it’s really much of an exaggeration at this point.

5) Mason Crosby’s been rather shaky the last year-plus, but connects on a 48-yarder.  Yay for quick leads.

6) Marc Bulger continues his slide downhill by fumbling the ball.  Johnny Jolly continues playing a star as he recovers and we’re at the Rams 15!

7) Pass to Jordy Nelson!!  GO KSU!!  What??  Defensive holding?  Penalty accepted?  Yay for automatic first downs, boo for screwing over the ‘Cats.

8 ) We’re 12:11 into the game and Leonard Little has just gotten his second sack of the game.  Do we HAVE to go through this again?  Barbre gave it up, but it was really a coverage sack.  Barbre contained him very well but Rodgers had nowhere to go with the ball; leading up to another field goal.

9) On the ensuing kickoff, St. Louis is nailed with it’s fourth penalty of the game/quarter.  Do we have to sit through another penalty-plagued game?  The very next play, IT’S A FUMBLE!!  Of all people, Al Harris recovers, showing he isn’t completely useless.  I still hate him.

10) For heaven’s sakes–can we please take advantage of field position?  The second time in a row you get the ball inside the 20 and all you can show is two field goals.  Ugh.

11) Marc Bulger is finished for the day with a bruised right shoulder.  Kyle Boller, this Bud’s for you.

12) Jordy gets a catch!  It counts!  GO ‘CATS!!

13) Touchdown John Kuhn and we’re at 16-0.  Go Shippensburg!

14) Eff.  Eff, eff, eff.  At 12:59 PM CDT, my life officially goes in the toilet and I really want to shut this game off.  BJ Raji is in the game making his debut.  Why, God, WHY!!???  To no surprise thus for the drive, touchdown Rams.  I promised a friend on AIM I’d start yelling and complaining once he got in the game the first time.  He was shown as idle and had been for the whole game leading up to that.  Lame.  The coward.   “I left my house like a 10 AM and didn’t get back until like 3.  My parents visit wound up being longer than I wanted.”  Thanks for ruining my fun.

15) Playoff baseball is hyped by play-by-play man Chris Myers, ending with a mention of A-Rod.  “That’s what the Packers call Aaron Rodgers.  His nickname is A-Rod.”  Really, Chris?  That’s the best you can do to segue back to football?  I’ve done football play-by-play for Kansas State as well as play-by-play for some of their women’s basketball games.  I’ve had more than my share of segue work and honestly, I can do 25 times better than that.  Epic fail.

16) Playaction rollout pass to Donald Driver and suddenly Green Bay is up 23-7.  Five first half drives: Field Goal, Field Goal, Field Goal, Touchdown, Touchdown.  Maybe I shouldn’t have put 9 Pick’em points on St. Louis.  Comment from a friend who also blogs on this site about the Eagles and recently wrote on the annoyance of commercial breaks after kickoffs, “You’re negative enough that you should really be an Eagles’ fan.”  Probably.

17) Johnny Jolly is not a big fan of tucking in the jersey.  I really don’t think I’ve seen him play more than two snaps a game with it tucked in before it comes out and stays out.

18) Boller does a terrific job in the 2-minute drill, 3-5 with two scrambles of over 10 yards.  Touchdown pass to Daniel Fells being, and I use this liberally, covered by Brandon Chillar.  I thought you were the coveage linebacker?  That’s the second time Chillar has been beaten by Fells for a TD today.  Oh yeah, St. Louis has now scored in today’s game double their point total for the first two weeks.  Nothing says awful year by scoring two TD’s and improving your season point total with it by 200%.

19) Aaron Rodgers is 8-10 with 167 yards at the half.  Two long passes accout for 96 yards of offense, the other 24 plays give 93.  That’s bad, right?  Yet another friend of mine, whom I take every chance possible to rip on BJ Raji because for some reason he think BJ is a good player, frustrated by the lack of red zone offense, “This game should be at least 27-7 right now.”  I fire back, “I can tell you why.”  He knows I’m getting at BJ having played and that’s why the score is what it is, “No, you won’t.”

20) Steven Jackson runs for 61 yards in the 3rd quarter and is up to 108.  Considering Benson’s performance last week, I’m shocked that’s all he has.

21) After catching a 50-yarder in the first half, Greg Jennings catches a 53-yarder early in the 4th.  After having the dropsies last week, and a little this week, Greg now has 103 yards on two catches.  He beats Ron Bartell both times.  Bartell has been picked on all afternoon, even if some passes are overthrown.  I’m guessing Bartell=not good.

22) Chris Myers does not really sound excited, and hasn’t for any other game I’ve watched him call.  Does he not like injecting enthusiasm?  He’s also put on a few pounds since his ESPN days.

23) Aaron Rodgers likes running.  And for the good.  He’s had to scramble around all year because of being chased down…but when he doesn’t have five guys coming in at once, he can take off for 10 yard runs.  If there’s heavy coverage, he isn’t afraid to tuck it and run.  It’s almost like a white, poor man’s Randall Cunningham.  Rodgers watches nose tackle Greg Gibson take a step back to try double covering Donald Lee and sees his chance.  Four yards later while untouched and it’s a touchdown.  Aaron is jacked up.

24) Mason Crosby misses the extra point.  Thereby putting all the doubts back in the haters’ heads even though he’s now 6-8 on FG’s and this was his first missed extra point as an NFL’er.

25) Another yardage graphic: GB three long passes=149 yards, everything else=177 yards.  St. Louis gets whistled for their FIRST ACCEPTED PENALTY since my mention in point 9 above.  It’s now 9:57 left in the game.

26) Third downs aren’t very friendly either.  Two-for-nine there opposed to St. Louis’s 4-for-12.  Why are the Packers winning?  Oh yeah, it’s the Rams.  They’re now 4-for-13.  Interception by Charles Woodson.  Glad he’s on the fantasy team.

27) Green Bay uses an old play from the Mike Sherman era: The end around to Donald Driver.  This was either was a long gain or a huge loss.  It gets 13 here.  Eventual TD pass to John Kuhn and it’s 36-17.  How many TD’s did the undrafted FA who was acquired after being waived by Pittsburgh  in 2005 score last year?  Two.  How many does he have today?  Two!

28) Ryan Grant gets five carries alone on the final drive of the game.  He had three in the whole second half last week.  Final score: Green Bay 36, St. Louis 17.

GB gets lucky they played the Rams this week so they could afford to be lacking in the red zone department early on.


–Three takeaways, no giveaways–GB now has seven interceptions for the season, three by Woodson.

–Ryan Grant gets 26 carries for 99 yards.  Isn’t it fun when you use the running back all game?

–Rodgers’ first half and that he had six runs for 40 yards and a TD.  The box score will read eight for 38, but the last two “carries” were kneel downs.

–Offensive line didn’t play so bad.  No sacks allowed after the two by Little in the first quarter and Daryn Colledge stepped up big time this week.  Clifton is out next week as well, so we’ll see if this was a one-week wonder being out of position.

–Donald Driver was called “old” and “has lost juice” in the pregame notes given to the media.  He had four catches including an AMAZING grab in the first half for 95 yards and a TD.

–Special teams did well, especially punt coverage and Mason Crosby (minus the extra point).

–No 3rd and 34’s.

–BJ Raji played sparingly.


–Rodgers went 5-13 for 102 yards in the 2nd half.

–BJ Raji played.

–Two stints that began inside the Rams’ 20, one at the 15, another at the 12 and could only produce field goals.

–Using a 3-4 that’s really a 3-5, in other words, a fifth linebacker being used as a safety that’s playing up–done so because Aaron Rouse was waived and GB was more confident in seeing Brandon Chillar playing “safety” moreso than any other safety on the roster (due to their lack of experience with the team–this means you Derrick Martin)…it sort of helped against the run but didn’t do well against the pass.

Depending how one looks, it’s either a lucky week because it was “only the Rams” or it was a step up and a boost of confidence.  I stand in the middle.  It was just the Rams, yes, because you can’t get away with converting two third downs and score only field goals given desirable field position….buuuuuut, they faced a much better and bigger back in Steven Jackson and ‘held’ him to 117 yards.  St. Louis now owns the NFL’s longest losing streak at 13 games.  Minus 9 Pick’em points.  Next week is the Minnesota Favres. Cue the 24/7 Favre coverage in Northeast WI.