If you’re a guy and you don’t appreciate art, be prepared to start. When he’s not working on the graphic aspects of various internationally famous video games, artist Scott Campbell spends his free time creating some fun artwork recreating confrontations (or “showdowns”) from the world of cinema. On his website, he describes his work thusly:

“Since the beginning of time, there has been struggle. The epic clash of being against being. Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Triceratops. Giant Squid vs. the Sperm Whale. The Circle vs. the Square.

The struggle is forever. It makes the world turn around. These are the struggles that make us stop what we are doing and sort of check things out… wondering what the eff.

This is a chronicling of some of the greatest confrontations in FILM HISTORY. The greatest moments of melee. These are the GREAT SHOWDOWNS.

And they sort of enjoy that they are the great showdowns.

…scott c.”

Because we want you to know about his artwork, we’re sharing a few of them here:

great showdowns king kong by scott campbell

great showdowns Avengers by scott campbell

Scott Campbell has published a book which includes many of his great showdowns that can be purchased through Amazon.

You can watch him create his awesome works through his LiveStream.

And if you’re lucky enough, you can find him at a gallery, like his run at Gallery 1988 that ended back on October 13th.

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