I heard it on Sportscenter this morning, and I wanted to cry… but I’m a man, so I didn’t. There’s no crying about baseball.

During his rookie year, I got Curtis Granderson on my fantasy baseball team early in the season, just about the time when he started to heat up. I was sure to watch all the Detroit Tigers highlights on sporting news shows to see how he was doing. Along with the Tigers other young players, Curtis Granderson was a big reason why the Tigers have become my favorite American League team, far surpassing the Baltimore Orioles. I even have a Tigers baseball hat.

I’ve made a point of having him on my fantasy baseball teams ever since that season, and next year – if I play fantasy baseball – I won’t be as adamant about trying to draft / trade for Granderson. If I have him on my team at all, I’ll be conflicted.

Apparently the Yankees / Arizona Diamondbacks / Detroit Tigers are working out a three-way deal that would send Granderson to New York… and it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Please, let this deal fall through. A-Rod to Boston fell through, so if Curtis is leaving Detroit, why can’t Curtis end up somewhere else? ANYWHERE else but the Evil Empire.