Last night, TNA produced one of its top two pay per views of the year, and here’s a rundown of my thoughts on how the results played out:

Kurt Angle defeated Kazarian by submission (Ankle Lock)

(Kurt becomes the new #10 Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship)
Result Expected.
Grade: B.
Although I don’t think anyone expected this result to go any differently, I think Kurt Angle and/or Kaz could’ve been used differently on this event.  Given the matches TNA chose to put on the card, I’m okay with the result.  I just hope Kurt Angle doesn’t go on a streak of cleanly winning 10 pay per view matches in a row.  I’d love to see someone get counted out or a disqualification finish somewhere in there, keeping Kurt from going through the 9 guys one by one on 9 consecutive pay per views.


Douglas Williams defeated Kendrick by pinfall (Tornado DDT)

Williams successfully defended the TNA X Division Championship.
Missed opportunity.
Grade: C.
I think THE Brian Kendrick could be a great competitor to add more life to the X Division championship, especially given his above-average mic skills.  That division is part of the reason that TNA got a large portion of its fans, and I hate to see the belt sitting with Doug Williams, who rarely gets an opportunity to give a promo to add more life and personality to the division.

Madison Rayne defeated Roxxi by pinfall
Rayne successfully defended the TNA Knockouts Women’s championship, and ended Roxxi’s career (prior to the match, Rayne challenged Roxxi to put her career on the line, and Roxxi agreed)
Huge Disappointment.
Grade:  D.
I’m not going to say that Roxxi should ABSOLUTELY be the TNA Knockouts Women’s champion right now, but that’s the way I would’ve gone.  TNA went the exact opposite way with the outcome and in the process they got rid of a very talented (and attractive) competitor who could’ve been an asset to the division.  It’s a shame to see Roxxi go, and this outcome is a big disappointment.  I almost gave it a failing grade, but Madison Rayne is a decent champion.

Jesse Neal of Ink Inc. (worst tag team name I’ve ever heard) defeated his mentor Brother Ray of Team 3D by pinfall (spear)
Tommy Dreamer made his TNA Wrestling debut but didn’t do anything but stand in the crowd.

Grade: B.
Although I don’t see any big potential in Jesse Neal, he is on his way UP in this business while Brother Ray is on his way down, so the outcome doesn’t bother me.  The involvement of Tommy Dreamer showing up is alright, though it’s not too exciting for me since Tommy Dreamer’s career is on the decline as well.  This was the big surprise Dixie Carter mentioned was coming on Slammiversary, and I’m a bit underwhelmed, especially with mention of it possibly being Paul Heyman or an announcement of a second show.

Hernandez loses to Matt Morgan by disqualification.

Inspires Optimism.
Grade: B+
TNA did a good job here in picking back up with the feud between these two, and anytime you can give a heel a victory without taking away from the face’s momentum, you’ve done something good.  Obviously these two are going to have a match at a future pay per view, and that’s a good thing because they’re both potential main eventers, and they’ve got some decent heat with one another already.

Abyss defeated Desmond Wolfe by pinfall (Black Hole Slam)
Chelsea helped Abyss by tossing him brass knuckles instead of Desmond Wolfe.
Slight disappointment.
Grade: C+.
I’d much rather have Chelsea be the valet to Desmond Wolfe, as Abyss isn’t the type who benefits much by having a female at his side.  I don’t think I would’ve gone with a Monsters Ball (hardcore, weapons allowed) match for Slammiversary, as I would’ve saved it for the future and allowed Desmond Wolfe to get a win in this match somehow.

Jay Lethal defeated “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles by pinfall
Lethal injured AJ’s knee with the figure four leglock, which ended up gaining Lethal the advantage and eventually the win as Styles tried to come off the turnbuckles with his injured knee, but it gave out on him and Lethal capitalized for the win.
Kazarian came out after the match while Flair was yelling at Styles for losing. Flair left the arena with Kazarian, while AJ nursed his knee in the ring.
High Quality.
Grade: A-.
I wouldn’t have booked this match on Slammiversary in the first place, but given how they set things up, the outcome was very good, and the AJ Styles / Kazarian / Ric Flair angle was continued nicely.  A couple months ago I was worried that Jay Lethal was on his way out of TNA, and now it seems quite the opposite.

Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson defeated Beer Money by pinfall.

Hardy and Anderson actually worked together as a team and got a big win over the established Beer Money.
Grade: B-
I’m not sure if TNA should’ve had Hardy and Anderson stumble in their first pay per view tag team match, and I’m not convinced that a tag team is the right way to go with Jeff Hardy given his recurring legal problems, but mostly TNA needs to be careful with how they book their hottest heel tag team on the roster.  Beer Money need to get a win in a pay per view tag match next month, and it shouldn’t be against Hardy and Anderson.

Rob Van Dam defeated Sting by pinfall (5-Star Frog Splash) to retain the World Championship gold.

After the referee got knocked out, Sting attempted to use his black bat on RVD, but Jeff Jarrett came out to make the save!

Correct outcome.
Grade:  B
I was seriously worried that Sting was going to be the new TNA World Champion after their match last night, and it’s a good thing he’s not.  I’m okay with Jeff Jarrett and Sting feuding, though it interests me very little and I don’t think it’s the type of feud which is going to grab any ratings, but at least it doesn’t involve the TNA World Championship (unless they somehow pull RVD into the mix or have a rematch on Impact and RVD drops the strap… which would be a whole new type of problem).  The fact is that Rob Van Dam brings in new / different fans, and there are still a few guys against whom he could have interesting feuds, so I’m glad he still has the strap.

Other factors taken into account:
Lack of Velvet Skye / TNA Knockouts Women’s Tag Team Championships
Lack of Samoa Joe
Lack of a bigger announcement than just Tommy Dreamer

Final Grade:  C+

TNA needs to do a lot better than this on such a high profile pay per view.