In the month of August I took a look back at the early years of  WWE Raw, in September I will be profiling some of the many wrestlers who have passed away over the years. With the theme Gone Too Soon we will look back at many of the wrestlers who died young, as well as a couple documentaries on the subject. The profiles will be half a look back at the the wrestler’s career and half fantasy booking of what I think might of happened if they had lived. In the first portion of the profile we will discuss what lead to/caused their death, but in the second portion the what if section will be writing more of  a perfect world type style, where the wrestler never had the drug problem or whatever vice if any that may have lead to their death.

I will review at least one match from the wrestlers career, but will also review “the match you never saw”. Which will be one match that I think would of happened, or I would have liked to have seen if they survived.

The past year has already seen some big loses to the wrestling industry.
JC Bailey          26        08/30/10
Luna Vachon     48        08/27/10
Lance Cade       29        08/12/10
Trent Acid     29     06/18/10
Grizzly Smith     78     06/12/10  Father of Jake Roberts, Sam Houston, and Rockin’ Robin as well as booker/promoter for man promotions/territories.
Chris Kanyon    40         04/01/10
Angelo Poffo     84     03/04/10 Father of Macho Man and Leaping Lanny Poffo, as well as a promoter in the 70’s/80’s.
Jack Brisco     68     01/31/10 Former NWA World and Tag Team Champion
Ludvig Borga     47    01/10/10
Steve “Dr. Death” Williams     49     12/29/09
Eddie “Umaga” Fatu     36     12/04/09
Captain Lou Albano     76     10/13/09 Manger of over a dozen Tag Team champions

Now Angelo Poffo, Jack Brisco, Grizzly Smith and Captain Lou lived long lives and had good careers.  On that same list though we have guys like Umaga,Trent Acid, JC Bailey, and Chris Kanyon who could of given much more to the business if not for their person demons and untimely passings.

Now lets takes a quick overview of wrestlers who passed away before they were 50.

JC Bailey          26        08/30/10
Luna Vachon     48        08/27/10
Lance Cade       29        08/12/10
Trent Acid     29     06/18/10     Personal Demons
Chris Kanyon    40         04/01/10
Ludvig Borga     47    01/10/10
Steve “Dr. Death” Williams     49     12/29/09     Cancer
Eddie “Umaga” Fatu     36     12/04/09     2 heart attacks
Mitsuharu Misawa     46     06/13/09     In The Ring
Andrew “Test” Martin     33     03/13/09     Unknown
Brian “Crush” Adams     43     08/13/07
John Kronus     38     07/18/07
Chris Benoit     40     06/25/07
Nancy “Woman” Benoit     43     06/23/07
Sherri Martel     49     06/15/07
Mike Awesome     42     02/17/07     Suicide (Hanging)
Bam Bam Bigelow     45     01/19/07
Joey Maggs     37     10/15/06
John “Earthquake” Tenta     42     06/07/06     Bladder Cancer
Johnny Grunge     39     02/16/06
Eddie Guerrero     38     11/13/05     Heart Failure
Chri$ Ca$h     23     08/18/05     Motorcycle Accident
Shin’ya Hashimoto     40     07/11/05     Brain Hemorrhage
Chris Candido     33     04/28/05     Infection/Blood Clot
Big Bossman     42     09/22/04     Heart Attack
Crash Holly     32     11/06/03     Choked on Vomit
Road WarriorHawk     46     10/19/03
Pitbull #2     36     09/24/03     Overdose
Elizabeth     42     05/01/03     Overdose
Curt Hennig     44     02/10/03     Cocaine Poisoning
Ted Petty aka Rocco Rock     49     09/21/02     Heart Attack
Davey Boy Smith     39     05/18/02     Heart Attack
Big Dick Dudley     34     05/16/02     Kidney Failure
Chris Adams     46     10/07/01     Shot
Terry Gordy     40     07/16/01
Yokozuna     38     10/23/00     Heart Attack
Bobby Duncum Jr.     34     01/27/00     Unknown Causes
Gary Albright     34     01/07/00     Accident
Owen Hart     34     05/23/99     Accident
Rick Rude     41     04/20/99     Heart Attack
Renegade     33     02/23/99     Suicide
Louie Spicolli     27     02/15/98     Overdose
Brian Pillman     35     10/05/97     Heart Attack
Dick Murdoch     49     06/15/96     Heart Attack
Junkyard Dog     45     03/20/95     Accident
Big John Studd     46     03/03/95     Hodgkins
Eddie Gilbert     33     02/18/95     Heart Attack
Jerry Blackwell     45     01/22/95     Pneumonia
Art Barr     28     11/23/94
Dino Bravo     44     03/11/93     Murdered
Kerry Von Erich     33     02/18/93     Suicide (handgun)
Buzz Sawyer     32     02/07/92     At Home
Chris von Erich     21     09/12/91     Suicide (pistol)
Bruisor Brody     42     07/17/88     Murdered
Adrian Adonis     34     07/04/88     Accident
Mike Von Erich     23     04/12/87     Suicide (Overdose)

Unfortunately the running theme here seems to be drugs, suicide or heart attack. With the fact that a lot of the heart attack deaths could of been due to drug in take over the year finally catching up with them. Of the wrestlers on that list over 75% of them were still involved in wrestling in some way when they died, and I think most of them still had something to give to the business at the time of their passing, especially if they hadn’t had their particular problem be it drugs or a medical issue. Over the next month a month we take a look at some of these wrestlers and talk about what could of been if they hadn’t passed away.