The ConjuringHalloween is this week and GuysNation has been letting you know what the best horror movies are for this time of the season all month long. The more that was revealed, the more debating we encountered. How could that one be so high? How is this one better than that? That one sucks, how could it possibly make the list?

So, for a change of pace, we put others in the driver’s seat. Playing the role of a much less murderous Ghostface, we asked 154 people that simple, iconic question: What’s your favorite scary movie?

Well, we’d be lying if we said some results didn’t puzzle us.

Top Scary Movies Graph

First and foremost, at least according to this very, very small sample size, ‘The Conjuring’ is clearly a modern classic of sorts amongst moviegoers. The only other movie to receive at least three votes in this current decade was ‘Insidious’ with only 3 votes.

‘Saw’ a film that has gotten a bad rap for its ever-worsening sequels, showed well here, indicating that people do, in fact, remember how special the first one was. Not only that, but ‘Saw II’ and ‘Saw III’ also ended up receiving votes.

Then there were some interesting results on the other side of the poll. Several films that have been widely acclaimed as horror classics did not fare well. ‘Psycho’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Hellraiser’, the original ‘Dawn Of The Dead’, and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ all received only one vote each, among others. Plus several films equally-regarded as classics — ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Bride Of Frankenstein’, and ‘Dracula’ come to mind — actually received no votes in the poll.

Here is an illustrated representation of the results of the poll.

Scary Movie Banner

As far as years go, the 1980’s and 2000’s were both very good decades for people’s favorite scary movies. 1980 itself got the most votes backed by votes from poll-leading ‘The Shining’ and supported by the original ‘Friday the 13th’. As book ends for those two decades, the 1970’s and this decade so far have also been good time periods for horror films with the 1990’s being a bit of a lull in between. All of this  is represented below.

Votes by Year Graph

If you want to know how everything turned out, the entire results of the poll are below.

Scary Movie Poll


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