Hey guys today’s beer is from a great brewery up in Wisconsin called New Glarus.

Tonight I popped the top on The Wisconsin Belgian Red. Their website classifies this brew as a Cherry Ale, which honestly is a perfect description of this beer. It is a very fruity offering that is very approachable to beginners and is widely available in Wisconsin. So lets get down to business!  

Appearance: This beer pours a darker red beer with a small head. The carbonation looks to be fantastic as little bubbles get sent to the top of the flute quickly. I love this color as it just looks cherry hued!

Smell: Cherries everywhere, it blasts the nose with the fruity awesomeness and really beckons you forward. This is a fantastic nose on the beer that will not quit. Getting a bit of sour on the nose is nice as well as it points away from the cherries.  

Taste:Here is where the magic happens. You get hit by the cherries instantly and it is awesome. Very sweet right off the bat and the sweetness holds until giving way to a more tart finish. This is a tasty beer for sure. I adore the fruit flavors in this beer. You won’t find something like this in a bud light lime I guarantee it.  My only knock on this one is that it might be a bit too sweet for some but that tartness should come in and save it for most.


Catchy Label

Mouthfeel: The carbonation in this beer is fantastic, holding long after the bottle has been opened. I’d recommend using the right glassware as it helps immensely. The low alcohol percentage at 4% makes this a super drinkable beer.        

Overall Thoughts: I absolutely loved this beer. It is not the best fruity beer I’ve had but it is damn close. The guys up there in Wisconsin sure knew what they were doing when they made this one. This beer is great for beer drinkers of all shapes and sizes. Those who don’t have such a developed palate will love the light fruity nature of this beer. Those of us who have been drinking craft for awhile will take to this beer for its complexity. I’d highly recommend this beer to anyone who can get their hands on it.

Until next time!   Cheers!