When we think of manly men or dudely dudes, the examples that most often come to mind are guys that have athletic, physical, monetary or sexual prowess. He could be an athlete who dominates his sport or just is ripped and muscular. He could be fabulously wealthy or have many ‘conquests’. If you were to ask some people they would say that a real man needs to have a mustache. What it all boils down to is when we think of a ‘real’ man we associate mostly in physical terms. I would like to be forward one of the intellectual type and a real man’s man in Giorgio Tsoukalos.

So who is Giorgio Tsoukalos??? Well he’s best known for being a proponent of the ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theory, which states that aliens came to Earth in ancient times to give human history a push or two. He can be seen all the time on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series expounding on the above theory. The fact that he’s also a consulting producer on the show is a bit interesting to say the least. He’s also the Director of the Ancient Alien Society and publisher of Legendary Times a journal on ancient aliens(what else?)

Now you might be thinking that he’s just some crackpot fanatic, but what really lands Tsoulakos in manly intellectual territory is the way he presents his undying belief in little gray men. Well that and his awesomely sweet hair. His over-eagerness and predictability in resorting to aliens to try and explain human mysteries has spawned its own meme series. Creators take a still shot from the Ancient Aliens series and put text about a mystery to which the answer is always aliens, thus mocking his obsession with aliens being the explanation for everything. This meme itself and the stock still shot has spawned other memes, which is a notable achievement in this internet-saturated age.

It’s this massive preoccupation with aliens being the ultimate answer to everything and the absurd lengths he carries it to that make Giorgio Tsoulakos man’s man. What could be more manly then the undying belief that you are right? Guys don’t like to admit that they are in the wrong any more then is necessary and sometimes not even that. Plus, on TV Giorgio has that sweet hair and always looks well dressed, a very important part of being a man’s man.